One Piece RPG is a role-playing-game based on the ongoing manga and anime series, One Piece. Unlike the previous games in the franchise on Wii and DS, this game directly follows the story and chronology of the series, albeit with somewhat shortened dialogue and scenarios throughout the game. Both the graphical style and gameplay are heavily reminiscent of the SNES classic, "Chrono Trigger." It is best suited for a handheld system.


The game is very linear, following the series from start to finish. Once you leave a certain area, there is usually no returning to it, although this is not always the case. Out-of-battle gameplay involves talking to people and finding out where to go next, searching for treasure and equipment hidden in various places, stocking up on whatever you might need at a shop, healing the party, using Luffy's rubber abilities to get past certain obstacles, minor puzzle solving and at rare times there are minigames. If an enemy sprite is encountered on the map during gameplay, a battle with an enemy or a number of enemies will begin. During these turn-based battles, your speed statistic determines when you or the enemy attacks first. Depending on how high a character or opponent's speed may be, they may even have the option of unleashing consecutive moves one after another. Accuracy is another important attribute that determines how often moves will connect. Speed has a loose sort of influence on this. Other attributes include HP (when a character runs out of HP, they are defeated) MP (lets you use your special moves until it is totally depleted) offense that determines how much damage certain things do, and defense that determines how much damage a character can resist. By defeating opponents, you gain varying amounts of EXP, and with enough EXP you can move up a level and gain boosts in HP, MP, offense, defense, speed, and accuracy. In time, more moves will become available as well. You may have up to four characters on your side. Choose from your list of moves wisely to try and find a way to defeat the enemy, and use any items that you think will be helpful. Depending on the skill of the foe you're up against, you'll want to make sure you have the right kind of equipment to help out, so always prepare beforehand. While you can opt out of fighting regular enemies, there is no avoiding boss battles. Unless you familiarize yourself in battle, bosses will give you a hard time. The further you progress in the game, the more challenging opponents and bosses you will face. At certain points, there may be a great gap in strength between the enemy and your party. Prepare yourself.

Playable Characters

The main party consists of the Straw Hat Pirates' crew, although there are rare instances where other characters temporarily join the party. They are listed under Extra Playable Characters. Each character can generally learn a maximum of 10 moves (not counting upgrades) although there are some exceptions, often granted by moves that give characters temporary alternate skills.

Monkey D. Luffy

The Straw Hats' Captain. Luffy is the main character and the first playable character, accessible from the start. Throughout the story, Luffy will always be the one mainstay in your party, with up to three other allies helping him out. (Technically four allies, considering that the player is the most important part.) Because he ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, he has the powers of a rubberman. This gives Luffy unique stretching properties. In addition to the following moves, Luffy's rubber abilities cause blunt physical attacks to do less damage to him. His strong willpower also means that there are instances where he'll take critical damage yet still remain standing.

  • Gum-Gum Pistol: A single physical attack on a single target.
  • UPGRADE Gum-Gum Shotgun: Starts off as a Pistol, but it hits 8 times in a set radius when it lands.
  • Gum-Gum Balloon: This move raises Luffy's defense for the duration of the battle. This move can be stacked up to three times. In addition to this effect, it eliminates any type of gas on the battlefield.
  • Gum-Gum Bazooka: It deals physical damage to all enemies in a line. If a non-boss enemy is hit by this move and it isn't particularly heavy, there is a 1/5 chance that it will fly off the screen instantly.
  • Gum-Gum Gatling Gun: A dozen slightly weaker physical attacks that land in a short radius. In other words, if there is only one enemy then all the attacks will be directed towards that enemy. Otherwise, the hits are dispensed randomly amongst multiple targets.
  • Gum-Gum Bullet: A single attack that deals physical damage to a single target, but there is a 35% chance that it will deal a critical blow.
  • Gum-Gum Axe: A physical attack that stretches upwards and descends to cause a quake that damages all foes for a small amount. If an enemy is nearby Luffy when this attack lands, they will take very heavy damage.
  • UPGRADE Gum-Gum Volcano: A powerful upwards strike on an opponent near Luffy, followed by the properties of the Axe but with double the impact.
  • Gum-Gum Storm: A far stronger variant of the Gatling Gun. It does a ton more damage and strikes twice as many times as the Gatling Gun.
  • UPGRADE Gum-Gum Rain: After the effects of Storm end, they repeat once more.
  • Gum-Gum Rifle: A single physical attack that hits a single target, but will deal more damage the more defense the opponent has.
  • When used, it grants Luffy a new set of "Jet" moves that do more damage in addition to letting Luffy execute the moves at a much faster speed. In turn, it takes a great toll on both HP and MP.
  • Shave: This will double Luffy's speed statistic for the duration of his time in Gear Second, allowing for multiple attacks to be used by Luffy during the same turn.
  • Jet Pistol: A quick physical strike that deals nice damage against a single target.
  • UPGRADE: Twin Jet Pistol: Exactly what it sounds like, 2 Jet Pistol attacks on the same target.
  • Jet Rifle: A single physical attack that quickly strikes a single target. The damage that the target receives will increase if the target has more defense.
  • Jet Bazooka: A quick and heavy physical attack on a single target. It is very helpful for disabling a technique that the target may be attempting to use.
  • Jet Bullet: A very fast physical attack that only hits one target, but there is a 40% chance that it will unleash a critical strike instead.
  • Jet Gatling: The strongest move that Gear Second has to offer, and by extension one of Luffy's most powerful moves. The catch is that Luffy can only use this move in critical condition, and he will faint as if he was KO'd after he finishes using it. For a wide line of targets in a certain direction, or even just a single target, 99 super fast attacks will be launched, causing massive physical damage.
  • When used, it grants Luffy a new set of "Giant" moves that do great damage. After the move is deactivated, Luffy cannot attack for as many turns as he was attacking in Gear Third. All Gear Third moves are most effective against giant-sized opponents that don't have the speed to dodge them.
  • Giant Pistol: A huge physical attack that smashes through all targets in a single, somewhat wide line, dealing great physical damage.
  • UPGRADE: Giant Rifle: Same concept as the Pistol but it does more damage and is three times faster.
  • Giant Axe: A huge physical attack that deals insane damage to an enemy standing right next to Luffy. Otherwise, it unleashes a quake that deals good damage to all targets on the field.
  • Giant Jet Shell: To use this move, first select Gear Second, then Gear Third, and then finally this move. Because it takes a certain number of turns to select it, the result is devastating but it only works on opponents of a large enough size that shouldn't be able to dodge it. It will deal a very powerful physical hit to the target, and then it will hit again with twice the strength of the first hit.
  • Giant Balloon: Drastically raises Luffy's defense for the time that he will be using Gear Third. It can be stacked to make Luffy incredibly resilient to attacks in this form.

Roronoa Zoro

The Straw Hats' Swordsman. He is playable after being rescued from the Marine Base in Shells Town. Along the way, Zoro will learn a variety of sword skills using one, two, or three swords. Unless you make sure to equip Zoro with three different swords before a battle, you will not be able to use hardly any moves at all. Due to his strong willpower, there are times when Zoro may take critical damage yet still remain standing.

  • Demon Slash: A sword slash that cuts through a line of targets, striking them all equally. It has the same strength as Luffy's Gum-Gum Bazooka.
  • UPGRADE Burning Demon Slash: This move is special because it will only appear as an UPGRADE if Zoro is inflicted with a "burn" status during battle, in which case it can be used to do triple the usual amount of damage until the burn status is gone. At that point, it will revert to the normal Demon Slash.
  • UPGRADE Night Demon Slash: Similar to Demon Slash, but it strikes in a wider range than usual, with twice the strength as well. When this move is learned, Burning Demon Slash can no longer be used.
  • Tiger Trap: Zoro leaps towards a group of foes in a small radius and strikes them all. Of course, it can be used on a single target as well.
  • Dragon Twister: It deals cutting damage against all enemies on the screen, and it also shuffles their locations, possibly allowing for different patterns of attack to be used.
  • Lion's Strike: When Zoro readies this move, he has to hope that an enemy will single him out with an attack that causes at least a part of their body to get close enough to him. When that happens, they'll be hit with a critical that is unusually powerful for a critical attack- a critical within a critical, so to speak.
  • 36 Caliber Phoenix: A projectile slicing attack that will hit a single target.
  • UPGRADE 72 Caliber Phoenix: A projectile slicing attack that will hit multiple targets in a general radius for twice the damage of the 36 Caliber Phoenix.
  • UPGRADE 108 Caliber Phoenix: A projectile slicing attack that will hit multiple targets in a general radius for three times the damage of the 36 Caliber Phoenix.
  • Ancient Gate: Strikes all opponents in a straight line, causing damage and lowering their defenses.
  • Flying Dragon Blaze: Zoro strikes a single opponent causing heavy slashing damage as well as inflicting a strong burn status ailment.
  • Great Buddha Chop: Zoro causes a powerful cutting move that is unleashed in a zigzag pattern, starting from the top of the screen to the bottom. It deals great damage to targets hit by it, and it is especially effective against jumbo-sized enemies that can be hit multiple times with it.
  • Three Thousand Worlds: Although this move is available early on during a specific boss battle, it will cease to be usable again until Zoro reaches a specific level of strength. It deals a gigantic amount of slashing damage to a single target.
  • This form raises Zoro's offensive output three times beyond its normal capacity. For example, if Zoro's offense was at first 102, it will be 306 until Asura is deactivated. During this time, Zoro can only use the moves listed under the Asura section. They are as follows:
  • Silver Mist: An attack directed at a single target that deals heavy slashing damage.
  • UPGRADE: Nine Lightning Slashes: Same properties as Silver Mist but it also causes shock damage in addition to the heavy slashing damage.


The Straw Hats' Navigator. Nami first joins the party at Orange Town and temporarily leaves at the Baratie to return after the events at Arlong Park. At first, Nami has a very limited set of moves based on thieving, but after Usopp builds the Clima-Tact, she is able to use more useful techniques in combat. Later, it becomes upgraded to the Perfect Clima-Tact. In order to use most of Nami's moves, that weapon must be equipped.

  • Steal: Nami will try and steal an item from the enemy. This is a surprisingly useful technique to try out on regular enemies and bosses alike, as it will likely grant you with items otherwise unaccessible.
  • Bind: Nami uses a rope to temporarily constrict the enemy, hindering their movement. This only works on weaker enemies or enemies that aren't particularly big.
  • Fine Tempest: A Clima-Tact move. Nami releases three doves that fly around, inflicting a confusion status on all targets on the battlefield. There is a 50% chance that a target may become confused.
  • Thunder Tempest: A Clima-Tact move. A boxing glove on a spring pops out. It is actually equal in power to Luffy's Gum-Gum Pistol.
  • Sprinkler: A Clima-Tact move. Water shoots all over the place, drenching opponents.
  • UPGRADE Rain Cloud: A Perfect Clima-Tact move. Water soaks the entire field continuously for a couple of turns.
  • Cyclone Tempest: A Clima-Tact move. When it hits a single target, a strong wind immediately kicks up and pushes back the target, as well as any other enemies in a straight line. There is a 1/4 chance that when they are hit with this move they will immediately fly off of the screen.
  • UPGRADE Cyclone Tempest: A Perfect Clima-Tact move. It is similar to the original Cyclone Tempest, but it does slightly more damage and there is a 1/3 chance of the enemy flying off the screen.
  • Mirage Tempest: A Clima-Tact move. Nami becomes 100% invulnerable to whatever next attack is directed at her, because the attack will hit a mirage version of Nami instead.
  • UPGRADE: Fata Morgana: A Perfect Clima-Tact move. It is like the Mirage Tempest, but it makes everyone on your side 100% invulnerable to whatever next attack may hit them due to the mirages.
  • Thunderbolt Tempest: A Clima-Tact move. Nami creates a thundercloud that hovers over a short radius before causing shock damage to all enemies in that radius.
  • UPGRADE Thunderbolt Tempest: A Perfect Clima-Tact move. This move works the same as the old Clima-Tact Thunderbolt Tempest, but it is more powerful and will hit all enemies on the field. The power is so great that all of your allies will also be effected by a small degree of shock damage.
  • Tornado Tempest: A Clima-Tact move. A single opponent will be grabbed by this move and then spun rapidly in place, inflicting a sure-fire confusion status ailment. Then they are violently propelled backwards for lots of physical damage. This move can only be used once per battle, so plan its use wisely!
  • Fog Tempest: A Clima-Tact move. Nami unleashes fog that surrounds opponents. Their silhouettes are visible to the party, so your attacks' accuracy will not be effected. Instead, your opponents will have decreased accuracy until the fog diminishes.
  • Swing Arm: A Perfect Clima-Tact move. It affects a group of enemies in a short radius, or it can be used on a single target. It delivers a highly-concentrated shock to their group.
  • Thunder Lance: A Perfect Clima-Tact move. It shoots a highly-concentrated shock through enemies in a straight line, but it will do even more damage to a single target.


The Straw Hats' marksman, Usopp is a playable character from Gecko Island onwards, save for a short time at Water 7. He lacks the physical strength that many of the other members of the crew possess, but he makes up for that with unparalleled ingenuity that becomes evident through his clever attacks and deadly tricks. For a long time, his weapon is the Galaxy Slingshot. Later, Usopp designs the more powerful Kabuto.

  • Lie: Usopp will try to lie to his opponent. There is an 85% chance that he'll call himself "Captain Usopp," causing stupid opponents to become awed and temporarily stop attacking. There is a 10% chance that he'll use the "Usopp Rubberband" that does 5 damage. There is a 5% chance that he'll use "Usopp Spell" to cause all targets stupid enough to fall for it to become paralyzed and take critical hits of damage with each turn, as long as Usopp is alive each turn to continue the Usopp Spell.
  • Caltrop Hell: Usopp throws Caltrops over the battlefield. The faster an opponent is, the more likely they will take extra damage from falling in a group of Caltrops. There is a 20% chance that one of your own allies may fall into this trap at some point, so plan carefully beforehand.
  • UPGRADE Cockroach Star: A Kabuto move. Cockroach toys are scattered. This may cause some enemies to hesitate instead of attacking, wasting turns. It does not have any effect on party members.
  • Ketchup Star: Usopp plays dead with this move, causing his opponent to overlook him while attacking. This lets Usopp plan carefully for when he unleashes his next move without fear of being damaged.
  • Exploding Star: A single quick projectile attack that hits an opponent and then explodes, damaging other opponents in the vicinity. It combines both explosive and fire damage traits.
  • UPGRADE Triple Exploding Star: Three times as powerful as the Exploding Star, with a doubly large radius. It retains the explosive and fire damage capabilities from before.
  • UPGRADE Sunflower Star: A Kabuto move. It is five times as powerful as the Exploding Star, with a triply large radius. It retains the explosive and fire damage capabilities from before.
  • Smoke Star: It works like the Exploding Star, but instead of damaging, it temporarily blinds the targets.
  • UPGRADE Flash Dial: It may temporarily blind all targets on the battlefield.
  • UPGRADE Super Smoke Star: A Kabuto move. It covers the entire battlefield in a screen of thick smoke. Enemies not only may become temporarily blinded, but they have a 50% chance of confusion.
  • DX Tabasco Star: Inflicts strong fire damage on a single target.
  • UPGRADE Blaze Ball: Inflicts strong fire damage on enemies in a small radius.
  • UPGRADE Firebird Star: A Kabuto move. It inflicts strong fire damage on all enemies.
  • Usopp Pound: If an enemy falls for one of Usopp's lies, use this move to cause very heavy physical damage. Otherwise, it will only do about 25 damage at most.
  • UPGRADE Usopp Golden Pound: If an enemy falls for one of Usopp's lies, use this move to inflict an enormous amount of physical damage. Otherwise, it will only do about 5 damage at most.
  • Shuriken Meteor Shower: 24 cutting projectile attacks that fan out towards a group of foes.
  • Praying Mantis Star: A Kabuto move. A single shot is fired, and it explodes in a green mist that damages all enemies. There is a 50% chance that it will poison the enemy, and the gas is flammable.
  • Breath Dial: Releases stored gas. Any kind of explosion or fire attack will be massively amplified in both radius and strength when it hits this gas.
  • Impact Dial: When using it, there are two options: "Charge" and "Release." If you select Charge, Usopp will try and block attacks launched at him with the impact dial. There is a 50% chance it will work. A blocked attack's strength is stored within the Impact Dial. Once enough strength has been amassed, choose "Release" and select a target to unleash all the stored energy upon. It bypasses defense.
  • Sticky Star: A Kabuto move. When an enemy is hit by this projectile, it fans out into a small radius that hinders the movement of anything hit by it. It is also flammable.


The Straw Hats' chef, Sanji joins the crew during the events at the Baratie. He prides himself in his superb cooking and as a result, keeps his hands out of battle as much as possible, relying only on his astoundingly powerful leg strength. Besides his excellent physical skills, he is also valuable as the first party member who has moves that can recover allies' HP. Due to his chivalrous nature, he will always refuse to attack a woman. Notably, there is a move that he learns at a certain level called "Reception" which is always used as the very first move during battle to deal some good physical damage to a single target. It can't be selected normally.

  • Pirate Lunchbox: Restores a moderate amount of HP to an ally.
  • UPGRADE Today's Special: Restores a good amount of HP to an ally.
  • Pirate Picnic: Restores a moderate amount of HP to all allies.
  • UPGRADE Professional Picnic: Restores a good amount of HP to all allies.
  • Collier Shoot: Deals nice damage to a single target in addition to raising Sanji's offense a small bit. Using this move early on allows for stronger techniques later in battle.
  • UPGRADE Mouton Shoot: It does substantially better damage to a single target, and raises Sanji's offense a little bit more than Collier Shoot.
  • Anti-Manner Kick Course: If Nami, Robin or Vivi are targeted by an enemy's move, Sanji will have access to this powerful single shot attack that deals very great damage to the offending enemy.
  • Concasser: Sanji deals a powerful physical attack to a single enemy with a 1/3 chance of causing the target to get knocked out and fall asleep for a brief time until it recovers.
  • Third-Rate Mincemeat: An attack that hits a single target five times. The individual attacks are slightly weak, but they deal very good damage together. This move also increases Sanji's speed when used.
  • UPGRADE Second-Rate Mincemeat: Third-Rate Mincemeat followed by a powerful physical smash on that same target that drops the target's defense in addition to all of the previous attack's effects.
  • UPGRADE: Highest-Rate Mincemeat: 15 strong physical attacks on a single target, increasing Sanji's speed and lowering the target's defense. This is one of Sanji's most powerful moves.
  • Party Table Kick Course: To be used on a group of enemies to hit each target in the group five times. Although the individual attacks are just slightly weak, they add up for very nice crowd damage.
  • Fried Assortment: Sanji attacks three times at random targets on the battlefield, dealing good damage to each. If the enemy hit is not a boss type enemy, there is a 1/4 chance it will be punted offscreen.
  • Cosmetic Surgery Shot: Deals very great physical damage to a single target, and sometimes causes both paralysis and confusion for a short time due to the enemy being dazed by their own good looks.
  • Grants Sanji access to a new list of powered-up techniques that can be used until the move runs out of power. All of these attacks deal heavy fire damage in addition to blunt physical force.
  • First-Rate Mincemeat: A Diable Jambe move. It is a multi-striking attack on a single target that hits 8 times, each time dealing a tough, burning hit.
  • UPGRADE Highest-Rate Mincemeat: A Diable Jambe move. Same as First-Rate Mincemeat but with twice the speed and 13 hits instead of 8.
  • Flaming Shot: A Diable Jambe move. It is a single strike on one target that deals heavy damage, burning damage, and paralysis all at once.
  • Fried Assortment: A Diable Jambe move. Shoots three strong fireballs that land in a general radius, causing heavy physical damage and heavy burn damage.

Tony Tony Chopper

The Straw Hats' doctor, Chopper joins the crew at Drum Castle. Chopper is a reindeer that ate the Human-Human Fruit, giving him access to several different forms, many of which can be accessed by using a "Rumble Ball." Besides his versatile fighting style, Chopper was trained by the world's best doctor in order to prove that there is no disease that cannot be cured. As such, he is an essential member of the crew for a vast array of healing techniques that far outmatch whatever anyone else has to offer.

  • Bandage: Restores a very good amount of HP to all allies.
  • UPGRADE Sturdy Bandage: Restores a great amount of HP to all allies.
  • UPGRADE Stamina Bandage: Restores a very great amount of HP to all allies.
  • Counter-Ailment: Chopper employs the proper medicine to deal with whatever status ailment is currently causing trouble for a party member. It will even remove two status ailments from the same target.
  • UPGRADE Counter-Ailment Clinic: The same as Counter-Ailment but effects all party members.
  • Offense Set: Raises the offense of every single party member. It can be stacked a couple of times.
  • Defense Set: Raises the defense of every single party member. It can be stacked a couple of times.
  • Refreshing Walk: When used, all allies will recover a small amount of HP after each round until the battle is over. It cannot be stacked, but it is good as extra backup for the start of a fight.
  • Tranquilizer: Can be used to put a single target, friend or foe, into a period of sleep. Bosses are immune.
  • Restorative: Can revive a fallen party member, but restores them to 15% of their total stamina. They may not last long if you're up against a ruthless opposing force like this, so heal them quickly.
  • UPGRADE: Recovery Booster: Revives a fallen party member. It restores them to 40% of their total stamina. This means that they have more of a chance of recovering after taking another hit.
  • Scope: Chopper scans an enemy and freezes time to provide a lot of information about the enemy. Although there is some trivial information, Chopper will give potential strategies and weaknesses that could prove useful, in addition to whether or not the enemy has a specific item that can be stolen.
  • Heavy Gong: A single strong physical punch attack against a single enemy.
  • When Chopper uses this technique, he gains access to a myriad of other attacks for three turns. His medical skills cannot be used during this sequence, so be careful. Afterwards, the Rumble Ball should not be used for three turns. If it is, then the Rumble Ball may cause Chopper to use a different move from the one he selected. As long as you wait three turns until the next usage, nothing bad should happen. Using three Rumble Balls without waiting is strictly prohibited.
  • Jumping Point: Chopper raises both his speed and evasiveness a bit. It can be stacked.
  • Guard Point: Chopper's defense skyrockets for the duration of the Rumble Ball sequence. Afterwards, his defense reverts to what it was before Guard Point was used.
  • Cherry Blossom Hoof: A single powerful attack on a single enemy with a 1/3 chance of critical damage.
  • UPGRADE Cross Hoof: Same as Cherry Blossom Hoof but twice as strong.
  • UPGRADE Diamond Hoof: Same as Cherry Blossom Hoof but five times as strong.
  • Cherry Blossom Colonnade: Chopper charges at a line of foes, dealing great damage to the entire group and with a 1/3 chance of inflicting paralysis for every successful hit.
  • Cherry Blossom Blizzard: Chopper's strongest attack. It strikes enemies in a general vicinity or just a single target with a barrage of 20 nice physical strikes that combine for massive damage.
  • Lastly, it should be noted that there is hardly ever an option of consuming three Rumble Balls within the restricted timeframe. If it somehow happens, Chopper activates an unknown power that causes him to deal monstrous damage to friend and foe alike, although the bulk of the damage is directed at enemies.

Nico Robin

The Straw Hats' archaeologist, Robin joins the crew after the events at Arabasta come to a close. Robin's goal is to travel the world searching for the Poneglyphs to uncover the ancient secrets of the past, namely the True History that has been forbidden to research by the World Government. Robin has a keen eye for examining things that others may not notice while exploring the various islands and areas of the world. She can help out in combat by using the Flower Flower Fruit to grow many limbs that can cause trouble for foes.

  • Dos Fleur Clutch: Selects a single target to inflict paralysis upon, plus defense-bypassing damage.
  • UPGRADE Seis Fleur Clutch: Same as Dos Fleur Clutch, but it can hit up to three different targets.
  • UPGRADE Treinta Fleur Clutch: The effects of Dos Fleur Clutch, but for every target in the field.
  • Seis Fleur Twist: Spins a single target around to draw it into confusion.
  • UPGRADE Nueve Fleur Twist: Same as Seis Fleur Twist but also does a good amount of damage.
  • UPGRADE Veinte Fleur Twist: Same as Nueve Fleur Twist but for up to three different targets.
  • Seis Fleur Slap: Selects a single target to be hit 24 times. The individually weak hits add up overall.
  • Ocho Fleur Flip: Selects a single target to toss at a group of enemies to do damage to all of them.
  • Once Fleur Slam: Selects a target and then hits it with the power of Luffy's Gum-Gum Bazooka.
  • Cuatro Manos Hold: This will attempt to stop a giant target from using a move.
  • UPGRADE Cuatro Manos Clutch: Replicates the effects of Dos Fleur Clutch for a giant target.
  • UPGRADE Cien Fleur Big Tree: Replicates the effects of Dos Fleur Clutch for all giant targets.
  • Cuatro Manos Shock: It will smash a single giant target, causing damage and stopping charged moves.
  • Cien Fleur Wing: Can potentially cause any KO'd comrades to recover with 15% total HP regained.
  • Cien Fleur Spider Net: Sets up a defensive barrier that lowers physical damage your side takes.


The Straw Hats' shipwright, Franky joins the crew during the events of Water 7 and Enies Lobby. In addition to being a superb mechanic, Franky once operated on himself after a life-threatening incident and modified his own body to give himself cyborg capabilities. Although Franky has a number of strange and useful functions, he was unable to reach his back while operating, so he takes critical damage from sneak attacks or when troubled by a status ailment like blindness or confusion. His attacks will be more SUPER if he drinks Cola. This is because unlike other characters, his special moves are powered by a "Cola Meter."

  • Fresh Fire: Franky shoots out fire in a straight line like a flamethrower, dishing out strong burn damage to all targets in that line. It will consume 0.25 bottles of Cola.
  • Franky Destroyer Cannons: Franky will run back and forth across the screen firing explosives that will damage basically every single target at least once. They're slightly powerful. It consumes 0.25 bottles of Cola.
  • Strong Right: Franky shoots his right hand forward, causing a powerful physical blow to strike the target. It will consume 0.25 bottles of Cola.
  • UPGRADE Strong Hammer: Franky leaps at an opponent and smashes at them with a pure metal punch that deals great damage. It will consume 0.5 bottles of Cola.
  • UPGRADE Ultimate Hammer: The same concept as Strong Hammer, but it does more damage and will always dish out a critical physical attack on the target. It will consume 1 bottle of Cola.
  • Star Shield: Franky uses his left arm to expand into a shield that boosts his defense. It will consume 0.25 bottles of Cola.
  • Weapons Left: Franky fires a strong explosive from his left hand that does great damage to a single target hit by it, but also effects other targets in a nearby radius. It will consume 0.5 bottles of Cola.
  • UPGRADE Blind Spot Cannon: Similar to Weapons Left but it does a lot more damage, especially if the target is massive in size. It can even dish out critical damage. It will consume 1 bottle of Cola.
  • Coup de Vent: Franky must charge this move for a turn. When it reaches critical mass, it will unleash a massive windstorm that effects all targets and will cause heavy damage in addition to having a 1/3 chance of immediately blowing them offscreen. It will consume 1.5 bottles of Cola.
  • Franky Boxing: If Franky is out of Cola, he will resort to this move instead to select a target and punch it 8 times. This move is actually quite potent, so you may want to have Franky use this at strategic points.


The Straw Hats' musician, Brook joins the crew during the events that unfold at Thriller Bark. He was once a member of the Rumbar Pirates until he was lost at sea. Although he was wiped out along with the rest of his crew, he came back to life due to his digestion of the Revive-Revive Fruit. He now spends his days as a skeleton gentleman. He is skilled with his fencing sword and he is much more agile and light due to being "just bones." If Brook drinks Milk it will boost all of his stats, HP, and SP due to the fast-acting calcium.

  • Arrow-Notch Slash: Brook will slash at an opponent, and the attack will initially seem to do no damage. But once that target makes a move, it will take a nice hit of damage that bypasses all defenses. It is incredibly accurate and there is a 50% chance that it will be a critical hit.
  • Attack After: It hits a target twice. The first hit drops the target's offense. The second strikes the target.
  • Leap Forward: A counterattack. After taking damage, strike back with a 70% chance of a critical hit.
  • UPGRADE Swallow Leap Forward: Same as Leap Forward but does more damage and there is a 90% chance of a critical hit.
  • Polka Continuation: An attack that strikes in a general radius 12 times and drops the target's defense.
  • Lullaby Parry: Causes a 55% chance of inflicting sleep on various targets. However, there is a 20% chance of an ally falling asleep as well.


Certain large sections of the game are designated as "Sagas." These are a measure of the story's progress as well as your own progress, and are more or less the same as the "Sagas" in the manga and anime. For the most part, this excludes filler material, though not always. Notably, the canon Strong World Arc is not part of the story. Sagas may vary greatly in length. For example, the Thriller Bark Saga is much shorter than the Cipher Pol 9 Saga. These are the Sagas that have currently been revealed, although the series is still ongoing:


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