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SPARK: Hello. Welcome back to 1/0.
SPARK: Well. Sort of. I'm not Tailsteak, and this isn't a comic.
MARCUS: So... you stole Tailsteak's characters?
SPARK: No, no. Of course not. I got his permission to use you.
MAXWELL: Wait, how could Tailsteak sell us out like that?
MAXWELL: For all we know, you could completely derail our characters. Or just torture us. There's a number of ways this could go horribly wrong for us.
SPARK: That's true. But I don't think you understand the degree of respect I have for Tailsteak - or you guys. I would never deliberately mess up 1/0.
MAXWELL: But won't you be biased? Surely you have a favorite character.
SPARK: I won't lie, I do. But That doesn't mean I'm going to interfere. I'm following Tailsteak's rules, here.
MAXWELL: Um... that's not terribly comforting.
SPARK: Would it help if I promised a happy ending for you two?
MAXWELL: Yes. Yes it would.
SPARK: Anyways, that's enough meta-conversation. Where are the others?
MAXWELL: ...That's a good question. As the programmer of this game, shouldn't you know?
SPARK: Yes. I told you I'm following Tailsteak's rules, though. You guys need to figure out things for yourselves.
MARCUS: *sigh*
MAXWELL: Before I start looking, I need to know a few things. First of all, what time period is this comic set in? I'm back in molecule form, implying that we've gone back in time. But I have knowledge of the ending of 1/0, as well.
SPARK: It's a parallel universe. Nothing is the same except for it's inhabitants.
MAXWELL: Alright. And uh... If this is a game, who's the player's avatar?
SPARK: Crap. I didn't think about that, to be honest. It wouldn't be fair to ruin your personality and make you a puppet... So I guess Max will have to make one.
MAXWELL: I suppose I might as well.


MAXWELL: What's it's name?
SPARK: I'll just ask the player.


MAXWELL: <player name>, huh? I guess it's better than Petitus, at least.
MAXWELL: ...Don't tell him I said that.
MAXWELL: So, I guess this <player name> is going to help us find our friends?
SPARK: That's the idea, yes.
MAXWELL: Alright. Let's start by heading east. I think I see something out there.

  • After the player has walked east for a little while, a portal comes into view*

MAXWELL: Eep! It looks like these portals are popping up again.

  • A strange tentacled creature walks out of the portal*
  • Creature knocks the player to the ground*

MAXWELL: $#^%! What do we do?
MAXWELL: ...Is it dead?

  • The portal closes*

MARCUS: Think so.
MARCUS: ...If this game is going to be combat-based, I suppose <player name> will need some form of self-defense.
MAXWELL: True. Try looking inside it's mouth - I think I saw some fangs when it was doing that whole shrieking-in-pain thing.
MAXWELL: Walk up to it and press E. That should do the trick.

  • Upon inspecting the creature, the player obtains the item "Monster Fang"*

MARCUS: Agh! That looks dangerous...
MAXWELL: You can press R to draw your weapon, and press it again to sheath it.
MARCUS: So now what? We still need to find the others.
MAXWELL: Let's keep going east.

  • Junior hops into view*

JUNIOR: Max! Marcus! There you are! You've gotta help!
MAXWELL: Junior! What's going on?
JUNIOR: Weird monster thing! Came from a portal! It's got Manny!
MARCUS: Jar breeze!
JUNIOR: And who's the new guy?
MAXWELL: <Player Name>. He has a weapon, so he should be able to fight.
JUNIOR: Good. We need all the help we can get. Follow me!
SPARK: Hold on a minute. Only two people can enter a portal.
JUNIOR: Huh? Why?
SPARK: They're unstable. Having too many people enter could result in it closing. I suggest you choose carefully who you bring with you.
MARCUS: I see. Well, <player name>, who will you take?

MARCUS: Fantastic. Let's go.
MAXWELL: Okay, but I don't want to kill anything.
JUNIOR: Alright! Let's go!


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