One Night Genius 2014
Producer(s) Disney Product
Broadcaster(s) Disney Studios
Genre(s) Mission Gameshow
First Air Date(s)
25 March 2014
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme "One Night Genius intro theme"
Ending Theme "Credits - Sonic Lost World"
Country of Origin USA,Thailand
Original Language English,Thai
Season(s) Season 1 (March-May 2014),Season 2 (June-July 2014),Season 3 (August-??? 2014)
Episodes Ep.1 Doc Hudson Museum and others
Runtime 2 Hour
Status Airing (Season 3-??),Ended (Season 1-2)
All Seasons are ready and find a your knowledge. Pick a code number to completed about to says "Opened" If you wrong will says "Error" In my table of winners genius.

Seasons 1Edit

              Mater       25 March 2014       Doc Hudson        Doc Hudson's Museum        3760

   Carla Veloso           1 April 2014   Over 25,000 Armies            Berlin                        1889

        Snot Rod            8 April 2014            ACM             Royal Thai Army Museum      2488

    Professor Z          15 April 2014       Not Answered          London,England               1945