One Life
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Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Single Player


Genre(s) Action/Adventure


One Life (full title: One Life: Press Start) is an action/adventure video game that revolves around a boy, Satoshi, who is sucked into his own computer and arrives in a corrupt video game land. The game is developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. There has been no information about a sequel.


The gameplay of the One Life goes back to the standard RPG-styled games like Final Fantasy. It is a turn-based system in which one side attacks after each other. There is a huge playable cast to put in your team, and are collected early throughout the game. Each character has different kind of attacks that help against certain enemies and bosses. Up to four players can be used in combat.

When not fighting the player is free to roam the video game universe. It is open world similar to games like Kingdom Hearts and Assassins Creed. However when encountering an enemy you automatically switch to the battle screen and assume the classic RPG style. This can be compared with the later Pokémon games and to some level Fire Emblem games.

The level up system is like in most games. You gain experience from fighting enemies and bosses. However you can also gain experience by completing quests from NPC's that roam the video game world, many of who are based on real life video game characters. You can buy and equip clothing that boost defense, attack and/or speed. Satoshi is able to customize his USBlade with 'Data Skins' to give it a bonus as well as give it a different design.

In addition the ending of the game may vary on the choices you make in the game. Sometimes you have to choose out of multiple quests, answer certain questions during the game, and go certain paths which will determine who you will end up with.


One Life/List of Weapons


Satoshi is a delinquent high-school boy. He rarely goes to school and spends most of his time at home playing video games. Despite of this he gets decent grades and would pass the year if he had sufficient attendance. Satoshi however decides to just stay at home. One day he goes to his usual game store to buy yet another video game. When he enters he is immediately greeted by the owner of the store, Tamon, whom he got to know very well. Even though Tamon does not approve of him skipping school, he remains friends with him. That day Tamon gives Satoshi an USB-stick. He tells that there is a beta game in it that he has developed and that he wants Satoshi to try it out, for free. Satoshi accepts and heads back home.

When plugging the USB-stick into the computer and starting the game, he is suddenly sucked inside of monitor. Satoshi finds himself in a weird village that one would most likely start in at the beginning of a game. Satoshi inspects himself and sees he is wearing a blue cybersuit with an arm canon and a peculiar blade that resembles a USB-stick, and sees it is named USBlade. Satoshi quickly concludes that he is inside of an actual video game.


One Life/List of Quests


Note: locations aren't listed in specific order of visiting them.

Name Description
Defaultville A small and humble little village where people live in peace. The village is where you can get all the basic information and default items. There is a training ground that helps you as well. Professor Acorn helps travelers with their journey.
Tomato Kingdom One of the largest kingdoms in the VGW. The Kingdom is ruled by Tomato-hime. The kingdom consists out of a gigantic castle which is build at the end of a little town with tomato houses. Adjescent to the town is a big meadow which has a subway that leads to the undergrounds.
Level Zero Level Zero, also called Mu, is a place where there is essentially nothing. The place if crowded with creatures of darkness and binary numbers. It is said to be a place out of which none can escape, unless they find the loophole.
The Maze One of the largest places that has no specific ruler. The Maze is, as the name suggests, a gigantic maze with many traps inside of it. Despite the snakes, dragons and creepers that are known to haunt the place, most people fear the four ghosts that roam the place. Once entering the maze without a rope often means that one will never return alive.
Invader Kingdom The Invader Kingdom is a kingdom which is located on the moon of the VGW. It is the place where all the alien species live together. The kingdom is known for its changing rulers as they are often killed by someone from the inside. It is a futuristic metropolis and the most advanced kingdom in the VGW.
Evergreen Forest A forest that is known for its random shifts of time. While inside of the forest it seems like time has stopped, yet at other times it seems to go faster than ever. The forest often changes from day to night and sometimes may even experience climate changes like snow. This weird time alteration is caused by the Temple of Time which is located at the center of this complicated forest.
Hidden Blossom Empire A Japanese themed empire where many ninja's, samurai's and others live together. It is a beautiful place filled with Sakura trees, torii gates, etc. The ruler of this place is Tanukimaru and his wife Kitsunekari who also happen to be the parents of Rei. The kingdom is adjescent to the Condor Mountain and the Dragon Valley.
Dragon Valley This place look much different than most other locations, unlike most locations this one seems to have been drawn in a traditional Japanese style. The Dragon Valley is a small village located between the mountains surrounding the Hidden Blossom Empire. It is known to have the giant Dragon Tower at the north.
Condor Mountain The largest mountain in the VGW. It almost reach out into space from where the Rainbow Road can be accessed. At the top of the mountain is a giant condor nest which is the home of the Condor. Few dare to climb the mountain because of the Condor's presence.
Hellsinger Hellsinger is a medieval town which close by Evergreen Forest. It is said that the temple effected the time of the town and prevented them from developing. It is an overall quiet village with many peasants. At the top of a big hill is Dracula's Penthouse.
Green Hills Green Hills is a large park to say so. It is adjescent to the water and consists out of two parts. The first part are the hills that are everywhere. The build of this place is so weird that it even has loopings in it. This all is caused by the Horitaizo Inc. which digs and drills into the land here to collect materials for their toys. The Horitaizo Inc. also made a whole tunnel system underneath the Green Hills to obtain gems. The factory itself is station at the beach of Green Hills.
Block Desert The Block Desert is a deserted place where few people come. There is always a heavy sandstorm in the desert and it is filled with blocks. Somewhere in the desert is the Cubimide which is filled with monsters protecting a treasure.


Name Based on Description
Satoshi Natsu - The main protagonist of the game. Satoshi is a delinquent who spends most of his time gaming at home. He is a dull person to look at in real life and is very passive about everything. However when he arrives in the video game world he is more lively and active. With his USBlade (Universal Serial Blade) and the help of his female team mates he will try to eliminate the virus that is inside of the game.
Keiko Hikari Mega Man Keiko is the first girl Satoshi meets. She only has a blaster but is very agile, and knows various ways of using the blaster. She is the default love interest that you will end up with. She is a kind girl why easily gets shy but wants to be a strong fighter, and useful to others. It was later revealed that her father, Dr. Hikari, was the manager of the game store, and that she accidentally got trapped in the game.
Arisu Pon Pong Arisu is a tomboyish girl, who likes to mock others on her team. She is the secondary love interest for Satoshi. She had been imprisoned for a long time in Level Zero, a place that no one should be able to get out of. However she was saved by Satoshi, and joins his quest to defeat the virus that put her there. She can create balls out of thin air, big and little ones. She can project her hand as a giant rectangle to smash the balls and summon another on a different place on limited range.
Maria Miyamoto Mario Maria is a clumsy girl who knows a lot about plumbing, however on a whole different level. She appears as a potential love interest for Satoshi during the story, however when Maria discovers Satoshi’s true love is Keiko she decides to leave it be. She has been living underground fighting creatures to survive. She is clumsy but at the same time a bit of a psychopath. She fights using a giant pipe-zooka which fires giant bullets, as well as bricks, fire etc.
Arekusu "Aki" Teto Tetris Arekusu, or Aki as she prefers to be called, is a little girl who is full of joy. She seems like an innocent young girl but actually can wreck entire levels. When the party encounters her for the first time she was infected with the virus. However when the virus was deleted from her it was revealed she was homeless, so she joined the party. She can transform parts of her body into Tetris blocks.
Tomoko Ginga-hime Space Invaders Tomoko is the first to last oldest in the group. She is a pink alien who enjoys killing. She is very charming, seductive, but also very sadistic. She is an outcast princess, thrown off the throne by her evil sister. She was accused for murdering her parents, while in reality her sister did it. She managed to escape with an escape pod, but was forced to travel space alone. She attacked the group for food but instead joined them and provided them an easier way for travelling.
Yori Pakku Pac-Man Yori is a hyper-active girl who always is hungry. She freaks out about the tiniest things, never can make decisions and a huge who has a huge appetite. She had been traveling with Tomoko for some time. She is haunted by ghosts but later learns they are actually her allies, and can fight by commanding them. It was revealed her parents dropped her in “The Maze” after her birth.
Ms. Hebi Snake Ms. Hebi is the eldest woman in the group. She formally was an acquaintance of Atari, namely his secretary. A calm and collected woman showing little emotion. While under Atari she thought his ways of thinking kept getting more out of hand and quit. She thus instead allied his enemies in overthrowing him. She fights by using a whip that can extend itself to the length she wishes, and angle it in the wishes direction.
Izanami Moguri Final Fantasy Izanami is a mysterious girl who occasionally had helped the gang out of sticky situations. She shows no emotion and talks like she doesn’t care about anything. She was hired by Ms. Hebi to help the gang by not getting killed by Atari. However when Ms. Hebi joined them, she eventually joined too. She has six different weapons; a sword for fighting, shurikens, a healing wand, a dark magic staff, knuckle gloves and can dual wield some weapons. She does not talk.
Bert Quollect Q*bert Bert is the only other male character in the group. He is considered a failure in doing everything and has a low self-confidence. He quickly became friends with Satoshi because he was the only one who would accept him as a friend. Bert worked more on his abilities and learned he actually was a very good melee fighter.
Ghosts Pac-Man These are the four ghost that are haunting Yori. This was what is seems in the beginning, however it turns out that they are the deceased spirits of her friends. Micky, originally Mick, is the unofficial leader of the four ghosts. He has thick eyebrows and scars. He is a bit grumpy and cold, but a strong leader and realistic. Macky, originally Mac, is the ‘pussy’ of the four. He is easily scared and afraid of water. Mucky, originally Muk, the Korean and only female ghost. She is very self-proclaimed and beauty is the most important thing on her mind. Lastly is Mocko, originally Kyle, is the mentally challenged of the group. He says random things and acts very crazy.
Viper Snake Viper is the snake that belong to Ms. Hebi. She doesn’t talk but just hangs around Hebi, and is the most precious thing to her. She resides inside of Hebi’s body.

Name Based on Description
Atari - Atari is the evil computer program that resides inside of the game. He is known to the inhabitants of the world as the Virus, and by the team sometimes as the Final Boss. He intends to make the real world in an 8-bit world, so all the game characters could roam around and destroy it so he can rule the universe.
Hakouh Ginga-hime Phoenix Hakouh is the queen of the Fenixu. An oversized mother ship in the space of the game world. She is the twin sister of Tomoko. She envied Tomoko because she was going to be the queen of the Fenixu, so she tried to kill her. This plan however backfired and Tomoko managed to escape. Fenixu now teams up with Atari as the secondary antagonist in order to destroy her sister.
Nazo Hijumu Metroid Nazo is a professional bounty hunter coming Earth but took residence on planet Fenixu. She was hired by Hakuoh after Ms. Hebi left them and thus also lost Moguri. Nazo has been stuck inside her armor and can’t get out until she comes out for who she is. She was ordered to take down the group one by one. However she got a realization that what she was doing wasn’t right and reformed. Everyone first thinks Nazo is a male because of the deep toned voice. It was later revealed, when she could take off her suit, that she was a female.
Don Blastem Duke Nukem/Contra Don is a muscular, machine gun wielding, dude with lots and lots of sass. He thinks of himself as the strongest man on the world, and that no one can defeat him. He is teamed up with Rei and together they travel the game world as outlaws. Hurting or even killing people for money in order to survive. They are also the murderous couple. He is searching along with Rei for the Triaqua located in the forest temple of time.
Rei Suzaki Ninja Gaiden Rei is a seductive ninja woman who uses her charms and ninja skills to kill her opponents. Along with Don she travels the game world to get money by killing the innocent. She only wants to survive and stay with the one she loves, that is all that matters to her. She was trained to be the excellent ninja, but that left scars on her which she prefers to forget. She stole the Hexaqua from her father’s shrine to give her powers. It later is revealed she is a Tanuki/Kitsune hybrid.
Dracula Castlevania The German/Russian overlord of the vampires. A 10-year old sinister playboy who lives in the vampire mansion, surrounded by many mortal women, vampires and succubus’. He is with retirement and tries to live his old days in peace. But he is still guarding the Pentaqua and won’t let anyone touch it because it grants him all the women he desires.
Taizo Hori Dig Dug A young man who is always looking for treasure. He isn't a direct ally of Atari but rather an acquaintance. He's the owner of a giant factory that specializes in digging and reached the core of the world so that Atari could take over. He only thinks about digging and money and is a very skilled spear user.


"Duck Hunt"

Ahiru is a tall female who always is seen wearing a long feather dress. She is a good friend of Hakouh and helps her as they are 'besties'. She is able to transform into a duck at will and attacks with feathers. Her personality is similar to that os Hakouh.


"Ice Climber"

The Condor is a creature that resides at the top of the Condor Mountain and will attack anyone who comes close to its eggs.

Name Based on Description
Dr. Tamon Hikari

Dr. Light

"Mega Man"

Tamon is the owner of the video game store in the town Satoshi lives in and the father of Keiko. In reality he is a game developer who tries to make a good VRMMORPG and tested it on his daughter which ended up badly. He only appears at the start and end of the game.
Rin Toraifoosu

Princess Zelda

"The Legend of Zelda"

Rin is first met in the starting village where Satoshi arrives in, disguised as a boy. She gives missions throughout the game and eventually will reveal her indentity as the protector of the Triaqua. Her most prominent role is to guide Satoshi to the temple where she has sealed the Triaqua.


"Super Mario Bros."

Luigina is the younger sister of Maria. Unlike Maria, Luigina is an intelligent woman who is always overlooked by the crowd. She wanted to be more like her older sister until she realized that they only liked her for her looks and Luigina strives to become more liked than her sister. She gives out several quest regarding Maria in the game.

Princess Peach

"Super Mario Bros."

Tomato-hime is the princess of the Tomato Kingdom, a kingdom inhabited by tomatoes. She is a chubby princess who is good friends with Maria. She gives out several quests.


"Super Mario Bros."

Tomatoads are the minions of Tomato-hime and are little people with a giant tomato on their heads. They have no important roles in the game aside from being enemies when invading the Tomato Kingdom.
Gekko Frogger Gekko is a little boy who appears in various areas where you have to help him cross a certain part of the area. He gives the Data Skins to Satoshi as a reward.


"Duck Hunt"

Inu is a hunter who resembles a dog. He is the ex-boyfriend of Ahiru and to this day is trying to kill her. Quests of him basically means that you have to stalk Ahiru. His final quest also is needed to end up with Tomoko. After defeating Ahiru his remaining quests become unavailible.
Senji Belmont

Simon Belmont


Senji is the butler of the young Dracula. He is brainwashed by Dracula to follow his every command. It can be broken by making a certain drink for him in the Tomato Kingdom. If his spell is broken he will flee with the Pentaque and you'll have to hunt him down somewhere in the game after defeating Dracula.
Seven Sisters of Purgatory - They are the ladies that live in Dracula's mansion. They are all madly in love with Dracula and will do anything for him. Killing them is one of the ways to activate the battle with Dracula.


"Murasame Castle"

Tanukimaru is a traditional samurai who is the ruler of the Hidden Blossom Empire and resides inside the Murasame Castle. He is at conflict with his daughter, but is too busy with his rivalry with the Dragon Valley to care for it. He is a cold and emotionless man.


"Shin Onigashima"

Kistunekari is a traditional shrine maiden who is the wife of Tanukimaru. As the shrine maiden she has to stay locked up inside of the shrine unable to do anything. She is really worried about her daughter and husband and will ask Satoshi to help her solve things between the two.



Sarugoku is a monkey who is the first guard of Tanukimaru and a fellow samurai. He will do anything to protect Tanukimaru, even if it costs it his life.

Princess Kurumi

"Sega Ninja"

Kurumineko is the best friend of Rei who was left behind in the Hidden Blossom Empire after Rei joined the villain's side. Kurumineko tries to find out what happened to her and gives the group several clues about her. She is a fellow ninja.


"Breath of Fire"

Rai is a half-human, half-dragon. His father was a dragon while his mother was a regular human. His mother slayed the dragon after it impregnated her, and died at birth. Rai now lives as the protector of the Dragon Tower.
Yeye & Titi Ice Climber Yeye and Titi are siblings that are half-human and half-Yeti. Like most half-human/half-animal hybrids they reside in the Dragon Valley. They are feared by most people because of their immense strength. Their dream is to climb Condor Mountain and take down the Condor to steal its eggs and eat them.
Alexandra Kiddo Alex Kid Alex is a young orphan girl who apparently seems to know Aki as they both were orphan kids. They lost each other for unknown reasons. Alex took residence in Green Hills where she build a machine called Grandpa that he uses to race through the Green Hills. She is the current champion of the Green Hill Races.
Captain Hawk

Captain Falcon


Captain Hawk is another contender of the Green Hill Races. He was the previous champion and is kind of spirit. He is a bit of a musclehead and has cheap catchphrases, but will never cheat in races.
X Excitebike X is a mysterious man who rarely talks. He is new to the races and has a motor which looks very unusual. He uses cheats to win races and all shortcuts must be taken if you want to beat him in a race. Afterwards he is banned from the GHR for cheating. In a twist turn of events he turns out to be Taizo.


"Ghosts 'n Goblins"

Lancelot is a mighty warrior who wears shining silver armor, which isn't attached very well and easily drops if you dual him. He is a inhabitant of Hellsinger and is on a neverending quest to save his girlfriend, although he has no idea where she could be. He is a man with a huge ego but is very clumsy.
Dynablaster Bomberman Dynablaster is a mineworker who has been trapped in the underground of Green Hills. He has several missions that need to be done in order to free him and defeat Taizo. Afterwards he says he can finally resume his position as police officer in the Invader Kingdom and takes the quickest shuttle back home. He appears with some bonus missions in Invader Kingdom.


"Final Fantasy"

Choco-Chicken is a chicken made out of chocolate that has been trapped by Tomato-hime for her personal desires. Freeing him will disable Maria's ending and stop Tomato-hime's missions. However in both scenarios Choco gets eaten alive by Tomato-hime, although it happens off-screen when not freeing it.


"Final Fantasy"

Is an overweight black woman dressed ina heavy armor who terrorized Hellsing. She also is known as the Black Knight there. Lancelot suspects her of knowing more about his kidnapped girlfriend, but it turns out she's looking for a Choco-Chicken to eat and that someone has stolen hers.


The game has various different endings, most of which appear alike but always with another love interest for Satoshi. During the conversations in the game where you have to make choices you have to pick the side of the person you want to end up with. Aside from that there are several additional things you'll have to do.

  • Keiko: follow the normal plotline without doing any side-quests. She is the default love of Satoshi. Upon returning to the human world Keiko of course goes along with him and they start dating. Satoshi resumes school again and tries to better his life for Keiko.
  • Arisu: next to Keiko, Arisu is the easiest ending to obtain. You will only need to complete all the side-missions in Level 0 and defeat all the bosses in the game (as some bosses can be skipped). She sees Satoshi as heroic and noticed she has fallen in love with him despite her rejecting the thought at first. After defeating Atari, Arisu wants to go along with Keiko and Satoshi to the human world. Arisu and Satoshi start dating, as Satoshi begins to work at a small firma for game development.
  • Maria: somewhat harder to obtain in Maria's ending. You need to keep distance from Keiko as Maria will realize that she has no right to fall in love with Satoshi when she discovers that he is in love with Keiko. Furthermore all the Tomato Kingdom quests have to be done. Very important is to pluck a Scorching Petal for Maria as it will not only give her a new ability but also shows Satoshi cares for her. Satoshi will decide to stay in the video game world and start a life with Maria in the Tomato Kingdom and take over the Dig Dug firma.
  • Aki: along with Yori, Aki is the hardest one to achieve because of their young age. First thing to do is get her to join the party by defeating her. The hardest thing to do for her is track down the one who implanted to virus into her as that person keeps switching locations in the game. Once you caught the virus you also have to track down her home town so she can return there. In the ending Satoshi decides to stay and care for her as her big brother.
  • Yori: like Aki it is harder to get Yori's ending. One thing that needs to be done first is help her unlock her powers. She will travel with the group but only can be inserted when you discover her ability to control the four ghosts that 'haunt' her. It is important to find all the fruit pieces in the game and complete the mission of Pursuer a weird entity that resides in The Maze. Yori goes along with Satoshi to the real world as she wanted a new family with him included.
  • Tomoko: In order to get Tomoko's ending you'll have to do all the mission Inu gives you without killing Ahiru. Once you have done all those missions you'll learn more about Tomoko and Hakuoh's relationship. Atari has to be killed before Hakuoh so you have to let Hakuoh escape in the Phoenix. When you defeat Hakuoh, Tomoko wants Satoshi to become her prince. Satoshi and Tomoko marry and eventually become king and queen of Invader Kingdom.
  • Ms. Hebi: to end up with Ms. Hebi it is important to defeat the bosses in a specific order: Ahiru > Hakuoh > Nazo > Atari. After defeating Ahiru and Hakuoh first Hebi won't be able to become infected with a virus from her that turns her evil again. After defeatin Nazo Hebi thinks she has gotten rid of the things she caused to help Atari and after defeating Atari she takes on the job of making the whole video game world secure. Satoshi then has the choice to join her and else will go with the girl he has been rooting for the most. Hebi becomes Satoshi's mistress in this ending.
  • Izanami: one of the hardest to achieve and the one with the most different ending. She is an optional party member by default and needs to be chased down after each encounter you have with her. She shows no emotion but gets curious for Satoshi as he keeps following her. Only after Ms. Hebi joins the team she is able to join the team. At one point she asks you to come along with her to get to safety and leave the others. If done so only Satoshi and Izanami will be left in the party. They kill Atari but Hakouh takes over and the whole video game land turns into a wasteland in which the two try to survive together.
  • Bert: it is surprisingly easy to end up with Bert. You simply have to ignore all the things that the girls offer. Help none of them and don't agree with anyone. One mission has to be done to get with Bert which is to get the chest inside of the Cubimide. And the two have some kind of yaoi moment at the end?
  • Rei: like Bert this one is easy to end up with but takes some skill. During the battle you must get her HP in the red and then not attack for a minute long. A new cutscene appears in which Satoshi decides to let her stay alive and flee. She returns again after defeating Atari and goes into a personal conversation with him about why she followed Atari. And asks why Satoshi kept her alive. Afterwards Rei asks him to leave all of this behind and come with her. The two get a son who becomes a very skilled ninja.