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Chapter 5: The End Of This World

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"I...I don't know what to say..." the Megasoul said, shocked by my change. But then, the other side of her kicked in...

"No, stay with me...this is exactly what he wants you to do!" The Great One's light voice now sounded like Igne's powerful energy was added to it.

The Burning and Shining Gates spun around the Megasoul as she fought within herself. The true side of Megan wanted to stop, but the corruption The Great One had caused was now combating her better judgement.

Then I remembered.

The Gates.

Without them, the Souless leaders are nothing. But, how would I destroy them?

The Megasoul, somehow, caught my state of predicament. Despite The Great One's hold, she managed to fire a ball of energy at me. To slow in my instinctive dodge, I was hit. But it wasn't harmful at all. It gave me the power to shoot energy from my hands, like the Souless.

There was just enough time to destroy the Gates.

Acting quickly, I reflected the Megasoul's attacks back at her and followed one gate at a time, shooting concetrated energy blasts that cracked the intricate design, until the outermost ring shattered and the other sections disappeared.

After shattering both Gates, I watched as that cowardly ball-shaped spirit of The Great One came out of the Megasoul to start repairing the sacred weapons. I shot a continuous energy beam at her.

"You...You figured it out...but how..." The Great One said, slowly withering away.

"I originally discarded Igne's words as a mere ploy to get me to surrender, but then I realized, when I figured out you were part of agree with you and be with you again would calm your rage and end this. See, throughout the entire adventure I knew I wasn't getting something...I did not remember who I was, what happened on Earth, or much else in the beginning. But then, I started to see it. And, the forgotten unity between Megan and I was the most important think I had to remember, because it was the source of all of this. Megan, or in a way, you, forgot how unique our time was, and focused only on elminating pain for others to prevent what you had gone through...but that's life. And life produced our special relationship."

"Smart..." The Great One started, but never finished as she was destroyed.

A large portal appeared in the center of the 12 floating platforms, and the Megasoul, now reverted back to Megan, fell through.

"Goodbye, Blank." I said, as I jumped and followed her in...

The End.

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