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This character is free to use in fanworks. Unless permission is given by the owner, all other usage of the character will be considered non-canon.
One (Exotoro)
Full Name One

Real name unknown

Current Age  ??
Gender Female
Species Alien (unknown species)
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
The Threat's Forces
Minor Deity
Main Weapon(s) Flight

Memory Suction
Psychedelic Hallucinations

Vulnerable To TBA
Family and Relations
The Threat (commander, master)
One is the first ranking member of The Threat's Top 10 and has been implied to have been in that spot for a long, long time. Although she isn't actually that strong in combat or battle, she has The Threat's greatest power: emotional manipulation. Through the use of memory suction and needles that cause her targets to have psychedelic hallucinations, she can more or less "bully" people to the point where they want to kill themselves.


One is one of the more humanoid looking Top 10 members, wearing a black dress and having a vaguely human appearance. She has black purplish hair and light pink eyes that consist of a squiggly line across the pupil. She has long, thin arms that end with a "suctor", in which needles that produce a psychedelic reaction once touched can come out. She also has big wings with a glitchy line of panels making up the wings.


One is more or less one of the weaker members of the Top 10 but has her spot due to her ability to more or less "bully" others by bringing up memories or desires that haunt them. It's due to this that she has been more or less considered "untouchable"; her spot has never been taken over as attempts to do so often end with a suicide from the person attempting to.


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