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One-Hit Wonder is the first game in the series of the same name. The game is set in various fictional towns and cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and follows the adventures of a young martial artist.



The majority of gameplay takes place on levels reminiscent of sidescrolling platforms, with massive environments that can be navigated easily through wall jumps and other skills that improve mobility. These levels are also swarming with Otsoa enemies, which provide a bit of bullet-hell to the game by quickly swarming the player, making evasion essential. Under most circumstances, the Otsoa are nearly invulnerable to damage, with attacks dealing little-to-no damage. But by performing standard attacks on them, however effective, the player can fill their Magia Meter. When (a section of) the meter is full, they can unleash a Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa attack, which immediately destroys one of the enemy's Health or Shield bars. However, the player must be careful, as taking a single hit (without certain upgrades) will result in a Game Over.


One of the shops that players will frequently access is the Cryptid's Gymnasium, which is where the players can purchase Upgrades. Some upgrades grant new moves and some upgrades improve the player's stats. The player can also purchase more challenging levels and alternate costumes at the Gymnasium. These costumes alter the main character's animations and unlock specially-themed levels. Upgrades and costumes are bought using Arimas, an in-game currency collected by defeating enemies and completing levels.


Name Description
Amaia2 1HitWonder

Amaia Azarola
The One-Hit Wonder
Cordula2 1HitWonder

Cordula Azarola
Adoptive Cousin
Joey2 1HitWonder

Joey Bähr
Humanity's Mightiest Warrior
Julen 1HitWonder

Julen Medina
An Unexpected Ally


A summary of the game's story mode can be found here.


Name Location Description


Name Price Description


Name Price Description


  • The names of all the game's upgrades and costumes have their names listed in both Spanish and English on menus.

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