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One-Hit Wonder is the first game in the series of the same name. The game is set in various fictional towns and cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and follows the adventures of a young martial artist on her quest to save the world and avenge her grandfather.



The majority of gameplay takes place on levels reminiscent of sidescrolling platforms, with massive environments that can be navigated easily through wall jumps and other skills that improve mobility. These levels are also swarming with Otsoa enemies, which provide a bit of bullet-hell to the game by quickly swarming the player, making evasion essential. Under most circumstances, the Otsoa are nearly invulnerable to damage, with attacks dealing little-to-no damage. But by performing standard attacks on them, however effective, the player can fill their Magia Meter. When (a section of) the meter is full, they can unleash a Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa attack, which immediately destroys one of the enemy's Health or Shield bars. However, the player must be careful, as taking a single hit (without certain upgrades) will result in a Game Over.


One of the shops that players will frequently access is the Cryptid's Gymnasium, which is where the players can purchase Upgrades. Some upgrades grant new moves, like the Salto Bikoitza (Double Jump) or the Aire Etenaren Zulatu (Air Dash Punch), and some upgrades improve the player's stats, like the Magia Bikoitza (Double Magia). These upgrades are bought using Euros (€), an in-game currency collected by defeating enemies and completing levels.

Another shop that the player may often visit is the Little Shop o’Heroes, where they can purchase more challenging levels or alternate costumes. These costumes alter the main character's animations and unlock specially-themed levels. For example, a Latti costume would have spear strikes wreathed in fire and a special level inspired by one of the tracks from Featherweight. These costumes and levels are bought using Arimas (∞), an in-game currency purchased with Euros or collected by fulfilling special criteria in levels.


Name Description Role
Amaia 1HitWonder

Amaia Azarola
The One-Hit Wonder
An aspiring martial artist and the heiress (and sole remaining human user) of the techniques of Magia, a spiritual essence that compose demonic souls. After losing her grandfather to the Otsoa, she embarks on a cross-continental adventure to save the world and avenge gramps, during which she faces both the army of wolf-demons and Interpol agents who believe her to be the one actually responsible for her grandfather's death.
As the primary playable character, Amaia's gameplay is the heaviest focus. By gathering Magia using physical attacks, she can access an ability that lets her drastically boost the damage of any of her techniques, letting her shatter shields and crush foes instantly.

Playable Character
Cordula 1HitWonder

Cousin By Association
A humanoid spirit and capable Magia wielder, and Amaia's adoptive cousin. She follows Amaia around, sometimes attempting to flirt with her and sometimes helping her using her exceptional grasp on defensive Magia techniques.
As a secondary playable character, she is able to use her grasp of Magia to create mystic barriers that block enemies' attacks and movement, allowing her to protect allies from enemy attacks.
Supporting Character

Playable Character
JoeySavage 1HitWonder

Joey Bähr
Humanity's Mightiest Warrior
Better known as English heavyweight champ Ravager. It seems he's taken an interest in Amaia's fighting ability, and threw himself into the task of tracking her down, sometimes fighting with her and sometimes against her.
As a secondary playable character, he can use throws to control the movement of enemies and toss enemies out of harm's way. Additionally, his physical attacks do more damage but don't drain Magia.
Rival Character

Playable Character
Julen 1HitWonder

Julen Medina
An Unexpected Ally
A super-geek working in Interpol's IT department, as well as a former schoolmate of Amaia's. He has declared himself to be her "personal Otacon," and helps her in avenging her grandfather and proving her innocence using his access to information, directions, morale-boosting exclamations, and references to various video games and anime. Supporting Character

Azaitona 1HitWonder

The Departed Master
Amaia's grandfather and teacher, who learned Magia from his adoptive mother. He taught his granddaughter everything he could before he was killed at the claws of the Otsoa. He still appears every now and again, in the form of one of Amaia's memories of her training, to act as a tutorial and guide. Assisting Character



A summary of the game's story mode can be found here.


Name Location Description
Another Day of Training Azulo, Spain It's time for yet another training session for Amaia. This time, her grandfather has a new strategy that he hopes will allow his pupil to master the arts of Defensive Magia.

The level is set inside a skyscraper that has been marked for demolition, and the player's goal is to make it to the very top while avoiding construction equipment and building-shattering strikes from Azaitona. There are no enemies on this stage, but plenty of hazards, so take your time and focus on learning the basics of movement and evasion.

There is no special challenge for this level.
The Final Lesson Azulo, Spain The second half of the Defense Training. This time, Azaitona himself is facing off against his pupil! It's time to see if Amaia can properly achieve Defensive Magia when put under pressure...

Fittingly, the level is located at the top of the skyscraper from the first level. The player will be facing off against Azaitona himself. One hit means game over, but by utilizing the evasive techniques they mastered in the previous level and combining them with combat, triumph should be easy to achieve. The level ends when the player successfully performs a single Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa attack on Azaitona, which will destroy his single shield bar.

There is no special challenge for this level.
Revenge Azulo, Spain At his weakest moment, Azaitona was struck down in an ambush by the Otsoa! No matter how much Amaia disliked him, family is always family. It's time to exact some vengeance on the hairy jerks!

Set on the same stage as the previous level, Amaia is now facing off against a small horde of low-level Otsoa. Technically, these are actually the first grunts in the game; but after the previous two levels, players should ideally have a rudimentary grasp of how Amaia moves, and not many of the early-game enemies have projectile attacks, so it should be easy. The only real problem should be the last Otsoa of the lot - a sligntly more powerful variety that comes equipped with more reach and more shields.

You are rewarded Arimas for completing the mission in less than two minutes.
False Accusations Frontera, Spain Amaia somehow survived the collapse of the building. But now she is being falsely accused of murder and terrorism, and Interpol is chasing after her. Like she'll be able to avenge her grandpa from prison!


You are rewarded Arimas for completing the mission in less than two minute.
Last Known Location Frontera, Spain Somebody in Interpol seems to be siding with Amaia. But in order to contact them, it seems she'll have to do something that's admittedly illegal - taking out an Interpol agent, and stealing their communicator!


You are rewarded Arimas for completing the mission without dying more than once.
To France! Frontera, Spain Thanks to her new ally, Julen Medina, Amaia has learned that the Otsoa are heading towards Palateau, a town in France. Equipped with this information, she immediately departs for Mont Glaçage.


You are rewarded Arimas for completing the mission without defeating any Interpol enemies.
Across The Country Mont Glaçage, France TBA
Europe's Most Wanted Mont Glaçage, France TBA
Head In The Clouds Mont Glaçage, France TBA
Savage of the Mountains Mont Glaçage, France TBA
The Hard Way Down Mont Glaçage, France TBA
Family Ties Palateau, France TBA
AmAm's Bizarre Adventure Amaia's Dream After being forced into a marathon of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders by Julen, Amaia has a strange dream that she is Jotaro Kujo! Granted, that coat looks awesome on her, but can she survive an army of old enemies armed with the power of Stands? Well, it IS her dream...

It's a marathon of bosses Amaia has beaten before; and this time, they're tougher than ever thanks to newfound abilities incorporating the mystical Stands! Strategies that may have worked in previous encounters will have to be adjusted on the fly to make up for these new and powerful abilities. Defeat them all, though, and you'll be greatly rewarded!

You are awarded Arimas for completing the mission without dying more than three times.
One Punch Girl Los Angeles, California You know what sucks? Being forced by a friend to cosplay as a character that you don't much care for and join them at a convention. You know what's worse, though? Otsoa attacking the convention and having to see you in the cosplay. Why did it have to be today...?

Compared to the main story, the number of enemies in this level is ridiculously over-the-top. And that's saying something! Fortunately, with your temporary new powers, you'll be wiping the floor with them in no time. Magia isn't an issue anymore - it's like being in Kitsune Mode forever! The main goal of this level is simple - survive wave after wave of three hundred Otsoa.

You are awarded Arimas for completing the mission with an accuracy rating of 90% or higher.
Crisis in New Home New Home, Under the Earth Deep below the earth, there lies a kingdom of monsters, sealed away by a magical barrier. It is said that one day, a fallen human filled with determination will either free them or destroy them all. ... Long story short, Amaia is determined to be that human.

A relatively longer level, with unique enemies to mix things up a bit. It takes the player through slightly abridged versions of all of New Home's sections, from Snowdin to Asgore's castle, and even includes boss fights against some of UNDERTALE's most memorable characters. The goal of the level is simple; get to the barrier, confront Asgore, and return home.

You are awarded Arimas for completing the mission without defeating more than 20% of the enemies in the mission.




Name Price Description
Aire Etenaren Zulatu
Air Dash Punch
€35 Allows all characters to perform an airborne horizontal dash. Can be used both for combat and for improving mobility. Just hold the left trigger and press the jump button!
Sahiestu Etenaren
Dodge Dash
€45* An upgrade for Aire Etenaren Zulatu that makes all characters invulnerable to attacks when she's in the middle of a dash.
Azeria Sudurrak
Fox's Nose
€25 Allows Amaia and Cordula to perform a sensory-boosting meditative technique by holding the left trigger and crouching, letting them sniff out enemies' weak spots. These weak spots yield much more Magia when hit.
Giza Ukabila
Human Fist
€20 Increases the damage that Amaia deals with standard attacks when damaging a regular enemy's health bar.
Horma Salto
Wall Jump
€25 Allows Amaia and Cordula to cling to vertical surfaces for a short amount of time. They can also jump off of the surface.
Horma Etenaren
Wall Dash
€50* An upgrade for Horma Salto that allows Amaia and Cordula to cling to vertical surfaces indefinitely. In addition, she can move up or down and perform nearly all of her regular ground-based attacks while clinging to a wall.
Magia Bikoitza
Double Magia
€30 Adds a second section to Amaia and Cordula's Magia Meters, allowing her to store enough Magia for two charges of Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa.
Magia Hirukoitza
Triple Magia
€60* Adds a third and final section to Amaia and Cordula's Magia Meters, allowing her to store three charges rather than two.
Kitsune Birsortzen
Kitsune Reborn
€125* Allows Amaia to use a full three sections of her Magia Meter to activate Kitsune Mode! While in Kitsune Mode, her Magia drains constantly, but every attack becomes a Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa.
Salto Bikoitza
Double Jump
€25 Allows all characters to perform a second jump in midair, allowing for near-instant changes in direction and extended air time. Just press the jump button again!
Zerua Zulatu
Punch the Sky
€25 Allows Amaia and Joey to perform a powerful uppercut. Can knock enemies skyward, temporarily stunning them until they recover. Can also be used as an extra jump. Can normally only be used once per jump, but if an enemy is struck with the first attack, another can be used while still in the air.
Iraupen Luzeko
€???* If a section of Amaia's Magia Meter is filled, being hit will cause her to lose that chunk of Magia. If she's hit without a full Magia Meter, she will be defeated as usual.


Name Price Description
Praktiketako Tunika
Trainee Tunic
∞0* An alternate costume based off of Amaia's gray training gi, which she wears during the first missions of the game. This costume is free, but doesn't come with any new stages.
Urtaro Desberdinetan Arropa
Clothes for Different Seasons
∞1 Not exactly an alternate costume by the standard definition; this costume makes it so that Amaia wears her windbreaker in colder stages, and her winter coat in warmer stages. It doesn't come with any new stages, though.
JoJo en Eulate Mozorro
JoJo's Bizarre Costume
∞5 An alternate costume inspired by the most recognizable hero of the Joestar lineage, Jotaro Kujo. She even summons Star Platinum when using a Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa! (Though the effect is purely aesthetic.) Comes with the AmAm'a Bizarre Adventure stage.
SaitamaAlt 1HitWonder
Burusoila Gizon Mozorro
Bald Man's Costume
∞5 An alternate costume inspired by the average guy who serves as an average hero, Saitama, better known as "Caped Baldy." She may not be as bald or as durable, but she still shares his unblockable physical attacks and sheer agility. Comes with the One Punch Girl stage.
SansAlt 1HitWonder
Nagi-Hezurrak Arropa
Lazy-Bones Clothes
∞5 An alternate costume inspired by Sans, everyone's favorite slack-off skeleton from the underground kingdom of monsters. Noteworthy for its blue coat, deathly pale complexion, and wonderfully cheesy sense of humor. Comes with the Crisis in New Home stage.
Misteriotsu Magikoa Irakasle
Mysterious Magical Teacher
∞5 An alternate costume inspired by the enigmatic teacher Ms Frizzle, most famous for her Magic Schoolbus. Amaia has a strained relationship with both schoolbuses and strange dresses, though! It's a miracle she's even wearing this. Comes with the ??? stage.


  • The names of all the game's upgrades and costumes have their names listed in both Basque and English on menus, in reference to Amaia's native language.

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