The scene is a peaceful day on the land of Sonic. Suddenly, the TV (Tutorial Videos) factory, the company responsible for creating toys and shows to help young kids develop their minds, explodes, and several videos, DVDs, and toys go flying. One is an Omochao, who lands in the woods.
Omochao: Oh, my aching head... what is this place?
This Omochao had only just been built, and his programming scrambled due to the explosion. He did not understand the world the way previously manufactured Omochao's did.
Omochao: Hello... what's that?
As Omochao gazes over a small stump, he sees Green Hill Zone, with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles running along the path destroying robots as the Sonic Heroes theme plays.
Omochao: Wow! Who are they?
Omochao approaches the 3 heroes, but they are too fast for Omochao to keep up.
Omochao: HEY! WAIT UP!
With Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, they are crashing through bricks when Tails trips and falls. He hears a small voice calling from a few feet away. A moment later, Omochao climbs up the hill and crashes in front of tails.
Tails: OH! Is this... an Omochao?
Omochao: I think so.
Tails: Hello! My name is Tails. That was Sonic and Knuckles over there. We work hard to defeat evil around our world. Would you like to help me?
Omochao: Oh, yes! But what kind of evil?
Tails: Mostly Eggman. He's this crazy scientist who builds these robots here.
As Tails says those very words, a huge robot creeps up behind him.
Huge Robot: Well, well, well, if it isn't Tails, left alone from his team.
Omochao: You fight THESE guys?
Tails: Well... their usually not so big.
Omochao: I can take him.
Tails: WHAT?
Omochao: Throw me at him
Tails: If you are so sure...
Tails then reluctantly picks up Omochao and tosses him at the robots' head.
Omochao: Take THIS!
Omochao then kicks the robots head, making it fall off and the robot crash to the ground.
Tails: You can DO that?
Omochao: I... I didn't know I could...
Tails: I GOTTA show you to Sonic and Knuckles!
As Tails and Omochao race off, a mysterious creature lurks in the shadows.
???: Foolish creatures... the worst is yet to come... and then... you shall be mine. BWAHAHAHAHA!

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