Read This Please.
This game is a collaboration between Fandro and Dark.
Omniversal Racing
Developer(s) Fandro and Dark
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
One to four players, up to 12 online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
 Omniversal Racing is a racing game developed by Fandro and Dark.  It stars characters that appeal to the devlopers, such as Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog and Alpha from TOME.  The game stands away from the usual Mario Kart style racing, and similar to Sonic R gameplay is on foot.


The gameplay, as explained in the introductory paragraph, is more based upon Sonic R than the Mario Kart series, meaning that the game takes place on foot.  Your primary objective is to go a certain amount of laps around a track while trying to keep up with the head racers.  Along the way, you can also get items which can hinder the opponent or help you catch back up to the lead racers.

There are five different modes of Grand Prix.  The modes are beginner, advanced, pro, expert, and master, highlighted in dark green, green, yellow, red, and dark red, respectively.  Beginner is the easiest class whilst master is the hardest and most enduring of them.  The easier modes have slower opponents, more luck and less obstacles and hazards..  The harder modes have faster opponents, less luck and more obstacles and hazards.

There is also a time trail mode.  In it, you can race for the best time possible or attempt to beat your ghost.  To start it off you have three boosts you can use.  Use wisely, as you can't restock!

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Image Name Description Stats Series
WarioMPIT Wario Mario's rival and one of his threats.  His big bulk and desire to win makes him hard to knock down!  He's really good at being a thief.
  • Bad Speed
  • Average Jump
  • Good Cornering
  • Average Control
Super Mario
526px-Vector 2 Vector The carefree crocodile from Team Chaotix joins the race!  He's pretty greedy but likes to help the heroes.  He makes a great leader.
  • Average Speed
  • Average Jump
  • Bad Cornering
  • Average Control
Sonic the Hedgehog