Cosmic Corruption is the first in the Omnitron series, being a 3D beat-em-up/platformer. It follows a story in which the Fantendo heroes and villains have split into factions in a large war, which is slowly pulling the universe apart, for the entertainment of The Enemy, who seems to think that the destruction of the universe is no big deal, as he can simply create a new one, being a god. The game illustrates both the conflict between the various factions and the conflict between The Enemy and his brother, The Fan. 





Playable Characters

The playable characters are separated into factions that are battling each other.

Blue Legend Faction

Image Character Description


Art by Exotoro (tbc)

Unten The leader of the Blue Legend faction, Unten is a really balanced all-around character, who has electric abilities he uses in battle. 
FuchsiaArt by Exotoro (tbc) Fuchsia Once a normal girl, Fuchsia was captured and put into the Tarantula Project, and joins Unten to make sure nothing similar happens to anyone else. She uses her Arachandroid to fight. 


Art by Yveltal717 (tbc)

Squav The noble leader of the Squavocadoes, Squav uses his light powers and his sword to fight. 

Shadow Guild Faction

Image Character Description


Art by YoshiEgg (tbc)

Data Believing that Unten's ways of justice are weak, he was unknowingly tricked by The Enemy into forming his own faction of heroes, and with his cyber powers, he shows no mercy. 



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