unknown sonic game
Developer(s) Omegaverse Corp.
Publisher(s) Fantendo, Omegaverse Corp.
Platform(s) Wii Logo
Release Date(s)
nowhere yet.
1 player
Age Rating(s)
T for Teen
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Media Included Wii disc

Name Unknown is a pseudo sequal to Sonic Heroes made by Omegaverse Corp. It is set to release at an unknown time, maybe 2011.



The main character

You can play as several characters. You select a stage from the list and play. The more you play, the more you unlock.


The story involves something to do with recycling, but EVIL recycling. Not much is known.


Playable Characters

These are the playable characters.

pic1 pic2 name Role Stats
Sonic2 Sonic2 Sonic The main character. He's fast and balanced.
  • Attack - 2
  • Speed - 3
  • Health - 10
Shadow Shadow Shadow The other main character. They're helping eachother to destroy the bad guy, who is not eggman, suprisingly.
  • Attack - 3
  • Speed - 1
  • Health - 10
Amy Amy Rose Amy She's helping because the bad guy stole her collection of sonic photos.
  • Attack - 2
  • Speed - 2
  • Health - 15
Chaotix Chaotix Chaotix He's helping because he was bored.
  • Attack -4
  • Speed - 1
  • Health -15
Silver Silver Silver (semi-secret character: complete the first 2 tutorials to unlock him.) He's helping because the bad guy almost killed him.
  • Attack - 2
  • Speed - 4
  • Health - 5

Other Characters

Image(s) Character Role
Eggman Eggman Gives tutorials because the bad guy stole the egg carrier.
Tails Tails Acts as a checkpoint.
70px Snively A boss a few times. Was inslaved by the bad guy.
Espio Espio A boss, inslaved by villain
70px E-123 Omega Recurring boss.
70px Big the Cat Lives in the world lobby. Gives tips and minigames.
Froggy Froggy Lives in lobby. Manages shop.
Cream Cream lives in lobby. manages shop
Cheese Cheese lives in lobby, manages shop.
ROB ROB lives in lobby, manages shop
Unten Unten lives in lobby, manages shop
70px Nightwolf lives in lobby, manages shop
Charmy Charmy the Bee lives in lobby, manages shop
Oshtyo Oshtyo lives in lobby, manages shop
70px Wheelzen lives in lobby, manages shop.



classic enemies

  • Robot
  • Warrior Robot

rock monsters

  • Rock mite
  • Rock man

Skeleton team

  • Skeledoor
  • Ghostly Robot

recycle bots

  • recycle bot
  • Trash Can Monster


none confirmed


  • Hawk
  • Monsterous Ring

Stacker monsters

none confirmed

Magic enemies

  • Wizard Robot

Super Robots

  • Giant Robot
  • Bomb Robot