Omegaverse Corp is the company that made all the Omegaverse games, plus a few Mario and Kirby ones. They are famous for creating the game The Amazing Omegaverse Game of Games! along with many others. They are allies of PROJECTGAMES.NET.


Thyme Corp.

Thyme Corp. is being created for helping new users with games. It's games are very simple and are sometimes considered "test runs".


Omangaverse is a publishing company that publishes comic books, manga, and other related works.

Flash Paradise

Flash Paradise creates games based off of Flash/Javascript games from the internet.


System Name Handheld or Console?
Arcadian Console AND Handheld
Nintendo DS-u (in cooperation with Nintendo) Handheld
NEW Arcadian Console


  • 1337doom-Leader
  • McQueenMario-2nd in command (because we helped EEA Inc. with Mario and Bowser)
  • Teh Doomed Ninja-3th in command (inactive)
  • Anyone wants to join? Talk to 1337doom!


  1. The Amazing Omegaverse Game of Games!
  2. Elebits Pikman Katamari Patapon and Roco Loco Wars
  3. Chao Chao Chao! The Game
  4. Wheelzen series
  5. Kirby Super Star Omega
  6. Kirby Air Ride Palace
  7. Omegaverse Corp. Sonic Game?
  8. Omega Paper Mario
  9. Mario & Bowser
  10. Mario & Bowser 2: The Hybrid Monster (title subject to change)
  11. Kirby Dimension Gate
  12. FastSlide
  13. Box World
  14. Spyborg: The Collection
  15. Mario Sports Party
  16. Fantendo Origins
  17. Super Mario Nebula
  18. Kirby Air Ride Online
  19. Nightwolf series
  20. Pokemon WaterBlue
  21. New Mario Bros.
  22. Build


  1. The CHAOTIC 4
  2. The Nintendo Side
  3. The World
  4. 2 Brothers
  5. Oshtyo's Village
  6. Nightwolf's Random Adventures
  7. Fanon Trapped
  8. The Fury


  1. The World
  2. Fantendo the Comic
  3. The Chronicles of Main Character
  4. Fantendo Follies

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