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This is an article by Omega Games. Unless your the president, founder, an employee, or my friend, you cannot edit this article.

Omega X
The Omega X beta.
Developer(s) Omega Games
Console Type Handheld
Subtype(s) None
3D effects
Backward Compatibility Omega Factor

The Omega X is a handheld released in 2013 and about $29.99. It has a 3D effect and unlike the Nintendo 3DS, no depth slider. The first version had buttons B, C, L and R. It would have been a VR system with no joystick, but it would be hard to work the joystick without a sensor. The second version had a card scanner, but no button changes. The third version had a joystick, but no other changes. In the final version, the joystick was moved to the left and the buttons were moved to the right. Button C got removed and got replaced with the A button. Also, X and Y buttons were added, and the L and R buttons were moved to the very top of the system. This is also the first system since the 2XXX Factor to be released outside of the U.S. The Omega X discontinued in 2016.


  • Omega Photo
  • Omega Music
  • Omega Shop
  • Omega Video
  • Omega Watch
  • Omega Reality
  • Mii Factory
  • Mii Street
  • Internet
  • Face Me
  • Flipnote Studio + Swapnote: 2 in 1
  • Eurosport Channel
  • Cartoon Channel
  • Friend Plaza
  • Collaborating Channel
  • Omega News
    • Direct Channel
  • PixlChat
  • Omega Games U-Grade



If you want a new game on the Omega X, ask McMario9 (tbc)


Name Reason
New Super Mario 64 Galaxy 3D World Bros. Wii 7: The Lost Levels Because the title was too long.
Toucan: Company of the Year Because the creator forgot to ask permission from Nintendoofah64.
Kart Fighter III Because this game was poor.
Hotel Mario: H's Assault Because this game was poor, offensive and wrong.
The Legend of Zelda: The Miracle of the Enchanted Land Because this game was stupid.
Super Smash Bros. X Because for unknown reasons.
Super Mario Rampage Because for unknown reasons.


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