The Mynisverse, also known among its inhabitants as Omega Prime, is an alternate Fantendoverse, and one of the few that are more drastically different from the current prime Fantendoverse. It tends to be one of the significantly more optimistic Fantendoverses, though that doesn't mean it isn't without its fair share of loss. It is named for its most noteworthy inhabitant, the incompetent Beorn Mynis.

Key Events

Please note that all times listed correspond to the Mynisverse only, and not any other alternate Fantendoverses mentioned.

Prior History

Early on, the histories of New Prime and Omega Prime are very similar. However, they split massively during World War II due to the failure of the Manhattan Project. Near the war's climax, the United States received help from an unexpected ally - a god calling themself The Other, who sought to end all war forever by helping to create the ultimate weapon. Unfortunately, they did their job a little too well, and the first test of the "super-nuke" set off a chain reaction that destroyed most of the southern United States and some of Mexico. This cataclysm struck fear into the hearts of everyone on Earth, and they ended World War II with a peace treaty of unprecedented scale. The ruins left behind by the explosion became known as The Wasteland, and was designated as a scrap heap for all of the most dangerous technological marvels created during World War II. The Other was exiled to the Wasteland by more powerful deities for their destructive actions, to serve as its guardian. What remained of the United States eventually became the aristocratic kingdom of Noah. Canada is now on the rise as the world's new western superpower.

In mid-August of 2015, most of Zeon's survivors crashlanded in North America, with the majority of the crashes centered around Noah, the Wasteland, and Canada. Mynis specifically ended up in the middle of Toronto, where he was eventually discovered by Ronnie Pepper and taken in by her roommate, Claire MacBeth. During the next month, he adapted to human society and met some new and very interesting people, including Claire's mentor Dr. Sarah Auvic. Near the end of the month, he and his roommates were called to The Wasteland by one of Mynis' allies from Zeon to take on an urgent mission for a peckish god in exile...

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

In December of 2015, after a long and zany adventure on the garden planet Eden that will probably never be recounted in any format ever, Mynis, Ronnie, and Claire were brought into New Prime through a mirror owned by The Other, and were recruited by Unten to join his universe's struggle against The Threat. Little is currently known about this period in their adventure, save for two things. First, this was what introduced them to the idea that their universe was not the only one. And second, after learning of the life and death of Leah Needlenam, Claire became worried for the safety of Dr. Auvic, the Omega Prime version of Leah.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Omega

On January 1st, 2016, Claire MacBeth and Ronnie Pepper meet with the woman they know as Dr. Sarah Auvic (actually Dr. Leah Needlenam) and tell her the story of her New Prime counterpart and how she died.



  • The Mynisverse's alternative name, Omega Prime, is a nod to comic book series' tendency to title or number their alternate universes.
    • Omega's status as the last letter in the Greek alphabet while also being the most deified is also a reference to Mynis' tendency to glorify himself despite repeatedly coming up in dead last.
    • This title also inspired the Mynisverse's Prime Status of 24, as omega is the 24th letter of the Greek alphabet.
    • A similar naming scheme was later used for Alpha Prime, the alternate universe closest to the original Fantendoverse.

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