The Mynisverse, also known among its inhabitants as Omega Prime, is an alternate Fantendoverse, and one of the few that are more drastically different from the current prime Fantendoverse. It is named for its most noteworthy inhabitant, the incompetent Beorn Mynis.


Please note that all times listed correspond to the Mynisverse only, and not any other alternate Fantendoverses mentioned.

Unnamed Project


The Great Mynis' Earth Survival Guide, Volume 1

In mid-August of 2015, most of Zeon's survivors crashlanded in the general area of North America and Noah. Mynis specifically ended up in Toronto, Canada, where he was eventually taken in by Ronnie Pepper and Claire MacBeth. During the next four months,

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

In December of 2015, Mynis, Ronnie, and Claire were somehow brought into New Prime, and become involved in that universe's struggle against The Threat. Little is currently known about this period in their adventure, save for three things. First, this was their first proper adventure together as a team. Second, this was what introduced them to the idea that their universe was not the only one. And third, after learning of the life and death of New Prime's Leah Needlenam, Claire became worried for the health of Sarah Auvic, her idol and mentor, and resolved to tell Auvic about her alternate self's fate.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Omega


Important Characters

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  • The Mynisverse's alternative name, Omega Prime, is a nod to comic book series' tendency to title or number their alternate universes.
    • Omega's status as the last letter in the Greek alphabet while also being the most deified may also be a reference to Mynis' tendency to glorify himself despite repeatedly coming up in dead last.
    • This title also inspired the Mynisverse's Prime Status of 24, as omega is the 24th letter of the Greek alphabet.
    • A similar naming scheme was later used for Alpha Prime, the alternate universe closest to the original Fantendoverse.

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