Omega Paper Mario is the eleventh game created by Omegaverse Corp. It plays similar to Super Paper Mario. Papermbox

Playable Characters


Machines (like Pixls)

the Machines are mechanic creatures similar to Pixls, because they all have different functions.

  • Scanner. Like Tippi or Tiptron. Available from the start. No image available (yet)
  • Whacker- a hammer
  • Snowdry-can freeze or cool off things.


The entire story.

Notice:It is written like a Fan-Fiction, in the game you will be doing what Mario's doing.

Prologue: The Masked Bandit

Mario climbed out of a pipe. He didn't really remember what happened before, but he remembered a thief. Mario looked around and saw he was in a town full of mysterious Shy Guys. He asked a red one for directions, but Red just told him to go away. Mario walked away and found a place to rest. He rested under the shade, and a small screen appeared over him. It said, "Hi! Look out! Listen! Pay attention! Hey! Look! Listen!" Mario looked confused. It turns out the machine is called Scanner and it's a machine. It joined Mario! Then Mario and Scanner decided to leave the village. They walked down a trail filled with Goomba's and ran into a Ninja Bandit! He was the first boss battle. Scanner told Mario how to fight and they battled. The Ninja Bandit's Special Moves (SM's) were Poison and Whack. However, he only had 10 HP and Mario had 15 so Mario was the winner! After walking down the path and fighting more Goomba's Mario saw a huge wall. On it were 7 doors, each a color of the rainbow. They were all locked. Mario went back to the town and saw a wizard shy guy. The wizard (named Shylon) gave Mario a key. It matched the color of the first door. Shylon told Mario that the only way to leave Shy Forest was to get all of the Rainbow Crystals from the doors. Shylon also said that only the Chosen One can do this. They went to the first door and Mario and Scanner went through it. Shylon stayed at Shy Forest.

Chapter 1: Bouncy Valley

Mario and Scanner walked through the door. They found themselves in a long valley. They walked down the road and fought lots of Koopa's. Finally they saw a large brown door on a gate. A guard Toad walked through the door. The toad was green with red eyes. "Classification scan: Dirty. Race: Big Nosed Humanoid. Name: Unknown. Weapon: Being the main character in a video game. Protection: Same. Home: Toadland. Universe Coordinates: X-M Z-U V-S Y-H Hostile: Unknown. Attack: +2... universe boundries broken. Prepare to be Ha><><0rZED. Result: Overload." said the strange toad (named Toadtron). Suddenly, Toadtron leaped out and attacked! It was impossible to win the battle as Toadtron had HP: "undefined". Mario and Scanner appeared back at the entrance to Bouncy Valley. They went in to the Valley again and saw a pipe. They went in it and appeared in the ruins. Mario had to solve a puzzle: What is 12 times 0 times a million minus one? The answer is -1. After doing it a chest appeared. Mario opened it, and inside was... 1. +5 Hp and 2. A weird ray gun thing. Mario went back to Toadtron and used the ray. "ERROR! EPIC FAIL! DESTROYED! ><PL0DI|\|G!" Toadtrons HP turned to 20 and then Mario fought him. Mario won and went through the large brown door. He discovered a huge town of Toadtron's. Mario rested in an abandoned shack. Later that night Mario tried to pass the city without getting caught by the guards. He got past but then a GIANT Toadtron saw him. Mario ran through the mountains into a very large castle. There was a sign on the wall. It said: The stairs go on forever. Mario looked up and saw stairs. He climbed them but they went on forever. He went back down and saw a pipe. He went down it. Inside was a large Thwomp. Thwomp tested Mario on 3 questions from Super Paper Mario, and Mario guessed right. Then the Thwomp gave Mario a large green button. Mario pressed it. There was a crash outside and a crash above him. Mario went up the pipe and climbed the stairs. He reached the top and saw another button. He went to press it but it disapeered. Behind him was a large Toadtron with a star on his shirt: General Toadtron! Mario got +5 HP but General Toadtron had 30 HP, and could use Lazer Eyes and Lazer Swords. Mario eventually won and the button appeared again. Mario pressed it and a Red Rainbow Crystal appeared and also a mechanical hammer machine named Whacker. Mario took it and got transported back to Shy Forest.

Interlude Between Chapter 1 and 2

Meanwhile Bowser was relaxing in his castle when Shylon appeared. Shylong told Bowser that there were some of his minions running around in Shy Forest. "WHAT?" said Bowser. "I never told them to go there! Grrr..." Bowser ran out the door. Shylon got out a strange cell phone and put it to his ear. Then he said, "........... Interesting. I know what we should do... but this alters the plan." Shylon grabbed 500 coins from Bowser's safe and ran out.

Meanwhile, again, Mario was at Shy Forest. Shylon ran up with a large sack. "?" said Mario. "Ah, yes..." said Shylon. "Nothing strange about this sack, just the funds for the palace of Shy Forest, the Shy Mahal! I don't know where the next key is, though, so... why don't you look around?" Mario walked north and found a construction zone. He walked through it into the construction building filled with junk. In the back of the building was an Orange key. Mario took it to Shylon, and Shylon said "Oh! You found it!" Shylon took Mario, Scanner, and Whacker to the gate and shoved Mario through the second door.

Chapter 2: Misery Well

Mario entered the Orange door and found a field of dead flowers. There was also a giant stone block. Mario used Whacker to break the block. Inside was a well with a block hanging from a rope. Mario hit that block. There was a bucket in it. Mario hit the rope and the bucket fell. A voice from the well said, "WHO ENTERED THE LAIR?" Great rumblings were heard from inside the well. A very small green dragon jumped up. (His name was Minitail.) "Why did you try to endanger us?" said Minitail. Then Minitail realized that Mario wasn't doing anything wrong. "But you still need the password to enter!" he said. Mario walked past the well and came to a pit full of Goomba's. Mario beat them all and a toad jumped out of the ground. He had a spy costume on. "The password is 122." said the spy, who then ran away. Mario went back to the well and told Minitail the password. Minitail grabbed Mario and pulled him into the well. Inside were lots of tiny Toad's that were very skinny and hungry. Mario pointed to one of the two doors. "Sorry..." said Minitail, "But that door is for the Chosen One only. If you are the chosen one then help us get food, and we will let you past." Minitail showed Mario the second door and Mario went through it. Inside were Koopa's and Goombas. Mario beat some of them and then Bowser appeared and flamed the rest. "Hey Mario!" said Bowser. "Will you help me?" Mario shook his head no. "Please?" said Bowser. "The princess has been KIDNAPPED! And that's MY job!" Mario told Bowser that they could travel together and Bowser joined Mario. Then they went to the next room. Inside was a very hot stone block. Mario tried to use Whacker but it was TOOO hot. Bowser tried to flame it but it didn't work. They needed something to cool it down. They looked past the block and saw a chest. Mario opened it and inside was another Machine, called Snowdry. Snowdry could freeze things or cool them off. Mario used Snowdry to cool off the block, and then he hit it with Whacker. Inside was a pipe. Everyone went down it. Inside was a giant switch but it was blocked by a huge locked door. There was also a stone block. Bowser lit it on fire, and then Mario saw a shiny thing on the ground. He picked it up. It was a strong, tiny stone. Mario threw it at the fire block and it rolled into the door and past it onto the big button. The button released lots of food. Everyone brang it back to the starving Toads, and Minitail opened up the second door. Minitail, Mario, Bowser, and the 3 Machines walked through. Suddenly, Minitail transformed, and got very big! He turned into Humungotail! Mario got +10 HP but Humungotail had 45. It was a long battle. Eventually, Humungotail fell down. Mario hit him in the head with Whacker and Humungotail was defeated. The Toad's (not starving anymore) gave Mario the Orange Rainbow Crystal, and the party went back to Shy Forest.

Interlude Between Chapter 2 and 3

Mario appeared back in Shy Forest. Shylon was setting up a very large computer on the newly build Shy Mahal. Shylon told Mario he was too busy. Mario went inside the Shy Mahal, but Red told him that he's not the "special guest". On the wall was a picture of a man who looked like Mario except blue and chilly. Mario used Snowdry to freeze himself and Red let him inside. He walked around and found a yellow key. He walked outside and defrosted, then took the key to the 3rd door.

Meanwhile, Shylon and Spy were in a room. "Leave this place now, fool! You failed me! He WON! I wanted him to LOSE!" Shylon said to Spy. Spy ran away, and a mysterious person in a black cloak entered the room. Shylon looked at him and cast a spell on him. They fade into the darkness.

Chapter 3: The Battle Tourney

Mario went through the third door and found a very large arena. However, it was surrounded by sturdy blocks. Mario used Snowdry and the blocks fell down. Then a man with a crown walked up to Mario and told him that he could have a rainbow crystal if he defeated all 50 of his warriors. Mario said OK, and then King said that Mario has to defeat the test monster first. Bowser used fire to burn the test monster and King let Mario in the arena. Mario used Snowdry to freeze the small ones, Whacker to whack the eskimo-ones, and bowser blew flame on the wizard ones. Then Mario was at Rank 25. He went to sleep. The next morning the King's crown was stolen! Mario had to go to Naught Village to find out who took it. He interviewed everyone, but one who was in a black cloak was wearing a crown. Mario battled him and won the crown back. He gave it to the King. The next day Mario, Bowser, and the Machines all did the same thing they did on the first day. Then they won the Rainbow Crystal, but the black cloak man came back and stole it. Mario had to answer ten questions about the game Mario & Bowser to get through the man's evil lab, and he also had to fight weird alien mushroom things. Finally, Mario got to the man, but the man throwed an ember monster at him, called Emberlicious. Mario got +10 HP but Emberlicious had 50. Emberlicious had to be cooled off with Snowdry and then flamed with Bowser to hurt him. Eventually Mario won, and got the Rainbow Crystal. He was teleported back to Shy Forest.

Interlude Between Chapter 3 and 4

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