The Omega Lurker is an enemy from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy VII. It is purple and blue, it has green eyes, and it's one of the biggest Lurkers in the world. It always stands on all fours. It has a few methods of attack, such as breathing a powerful blue line of flame, generating an electrical storm of purple energy, and a green whirlwind. To dodge the fire, just lunge out of the way. To dodge the electricity, move away from the spots on the ground that flash, that's where it will strike. To dodge the storm, you just have to keep yourself in a crouching position. It takes many hits to beat, but if you jump up on its back, you can deal the damage easier until it bucks you off. This is a superpower enemy and could almost be considered a boss in its own right, but technically it is still just a standard enemy.

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