Omega Games NGFS-B7 is just like E3 except NGFS-B7 is made by Omega Games, not the ESA. NGFS stands for Nationwide Growing Fun Software and B7 indicates where the expo is in the Rand McNally 2013 Easy-to-Read Road Atlas U.S. map: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada (even though Omega Games wasn't founded there.).

NGFS-B7 2013

In June 2, 2013, Omega Games showed off 12 games to the country:

  • Mario Ultra Sluggers
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dungeons of Peril
  • Super Smash Bros. Frontier
  • Super Mario Sunshine: Knockout Tsunami
  • Mario & Luigi: Partnership Isn't Everything
  • Pokemon Bright Red & Dark Blue
  • Yoshi & The Dragon of Kinterkalkel Island
  • Kirby vs. The Cursed World of Nightmares
  • Wario Land: Suspenseful Stories
  • Earthbound: Giygas's Vengance
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Dark Sun Rises
  • Mario Sports Resort

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