Omega Games
Current logo.
Type of Company Video game company
Founder(s) ShinySnivyStudios
Founded at/in 2009
Defunct at/in N/A
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Area(s) Served USA, Japan, and Europe
Owner(s) TheFireDragoon (?)
No. of Employee(s) 1
Predecessor 2XXX Factor
Successor Omega Games Co., Ltd.
Parent Company None
Subsidiaries None

Omega Games is a gaming company founded by McMario9 (later became known as ShinySnivyStudios).


At first, Omega Games was just a little company called 2XXX Factor. Eventually, 1 year later, they became Omega Games. In 2009, Omega Games created a popular game series, and Omega Games is working on the Omega X, a system that includes a 3D effect without 3D glasses. In 2010, the Omega Factor was released.

In 2016, Omega Games signed a pact with Alpha Games, buying the small company. Starting March 28 or 29, 2016, Omega Games: Project Alpha will initiate. The project promises "original games with a touch of characters from other franchises."

On July 30, 2016, ShinySnivyStudios left the company and hopes that TheFireDragoon will take his place as president.


Rank Image Name Rank (Class)
MegamushroomNSMB2 TheFireDragoon Vice President/Usurping to President (?)



Omega Games

OG: Project Alpha









  • The Super Mario Game Show (failed due to being a rip-off of AVGN)



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Omega Games employees:

If You Want To Join...

This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.
  • The President makes the games. (OPEN/CLOSED)
  • The Vice President makes ideas for games. (CLOSED/OPEN)
  • The Secretary changes the gameplay of the games. The Secretary also has the power to cancel games. (OPEN)
  • The Treasurer makes sure the games are right (suited for releasing). (OPEN)
  • The Artwork Director makes the box arts and whatnot. (OPEN)
  • The Music Director creates music for the games. (OPEN)
  • The Employees corrects any mistake the President makes. (OPEN)

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