Nothing can get in, or out, or get out ALIVE!

The Omega Castle is Lemmykoopa24's stronghold and one of his greatest weapons. It is a 100-foot tall castle with deadly traps, hundreds of guards and a dangerous warrior on the roof. According to Lemmykoopa24, once an enemy enters, they're done for.


  • 6 foot wide Concrete Door
  • Thick stone walls
  • 50 floors, each with their own type of traps and soldiers
  • 20 windows with a cannon in each of them
  • 10 Mortars on the roof
  • 80 Photon cannons at the base of the castle
  • Floor 1: Trap doors that drop boulders on the enemy
  • Floor 2: 10 Soldiers equipped with a spear
  • Floor 3: 9 foot high Koopa Shell Launchers on either side of the room
  • Floor 4: Spiked Steel Balls that swing by chains
  • Floor 5: Very hot flames shoot up from the floor
  • Floor 6: The Floor and ceiling are covered with spikes, and fireballs attack you
  • Floor 7: Soldiers jump on you from the ceiling
  • Floor 8: Spears come from all directions
  • Floor 9: A spikey wall chases you
  • Floor 10: Cannons shoot at you
  • Floor 11: Rotary Bomb launchers on the ceiling
  • Floor 12: 10 Land Mines in the floor
  • Floor 13: A spikey ceiling drops on you
  • Floor 14: Giant Bombs
  • Floor 15: The room comes to life
  • Floor 16: A giant laser on the ceiling and 12 soldiers on the floor
  • Floor 17: Several giant pits and the room is dark
  • Floor 18: The floor is electrified
  • Floor 19: The walls shoot lasers
  • Floor 20: There is a Tornado on the floor and spikes on the ceiling
  • Floor 21: The room has an earthquake
  • Floor 22: A slide with flamethrowers
  • Floor 23: The enemy has 2 minutes to find a hidden door or the room will blow up
  • Floor 24: The floor is narrow and spears shoot from the wall
  • Floor 25: The enemy must fight Pimple
  • Floor 26: Soldiers fire meteors at the enemy
  • Floor 27: The floor is quicksand
  • Floor 28: Soldiers start mobbing the enemy
  • Floor 29: Lasers are on the walls, floor and ceilings
  • Floor 30: The room has an elevator with cannons on the walls
  • Floor 31: There are live wires on the floor
  • Floor 32: The walls spew toxic gas
  • Floor 33: The floor is Ice and the ceiling is fire
  • Floor 34: A giant laser is on the ceiling
  • Floor 35: Giant, spiky pillars drop from the ceiling
  • Floor 36: Soldiers will hurl dynamite at you
  • Floor 37: Tentacles shoot from the wall and try to suffocate you
  • Floor 38: The enemy has to figure out the password to get to the next room
  • Floor 39: Giant battering rams fly from the walls and try to squish you
  • Floor 40: Soldiers will swing tethered steel balls at you
  • Floor 41: You get attacked by an invisible flamethrower
  • Floor 42: Anvils fall from the ceiling
  • Floor 43: There are several mines in the ground
  • Floor 44: The ceiling will collapse
  • Floor 45: A Gene Ray will shoot you
  • Floor 46: A giant pit and several spiky balls
  • Floor 47: Clouds that Bob-ombs fall from
  • Floor 48: Lightning will shock you
  • Floor 49: Giant Buzzsaws
  • Floor 50: Everything from the other 49 floors all at once
  • Roof: The enemy must fight Battle Skull


It appears in Fantendo Tennis Superstars as a court.

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