Capital City Dynaseetee
Largest City Teufort
Language(s) English
Leader(s) Krunch T. Guile
National Anthem
Guile's slam meledy
Government Monarchy
Population 23 million
Currency Ref
Demonym Unknowners
Drives on the Left
Measuring System Metric
Date Format Gregorian Calendar
Abbreviation OL
Included Environment(s)

Oluapland is a country on Osiris.


Oluapland used to be a orderly country, but that was before the accident


Oluapland's goverment are generally seen as being a bit war-hungry but generally noble,they are fiercely protective of their homeland and thus have some of the strongest military forces on osiris,mostly due to having extremely strong WMDs such as The Apocolypse Tanks, The Oceancutter, The Condor X-7 and the Black Hole Missle.




Oluapland runs under a unique goverment system that treats each district as its own entity,with each district having a shared budget of money given by the goverment with the number increasing depending on workrate,this fund is usable by anyone to buy stuff,purchases of above 1000 Ref need to get a majority vote with the district's council.

The Oluapland territory known as Caberstak is more akin to the old Oluapland,an anarchic wasteland with no contact from the Oluapland goverment and no order.


Oluapland is number sixty-two.


It is a rather flat and grassy area,with sporadic mountainous areas and a couple of deserts in the inland area.

the districts are mostly contained on the coast,with the "ring of iron" being the border between the district 0 and the other districts,district 0 is a large military compound known for its airtight security and large amount of weaponry and politicians within its borders.


Its english.

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