Olimar & Pikmin
The Intrepid Explorer
Universe SSB Pikmin SeriesPikmin
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSBB/SSB4
Recent Game Wii U Pikmin 3
Availability Starter
Final Smash End of Day/Super-Spicy Spray

Olimar & Pikmin makes their third appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Originally from the Pikmin franchise, Olimar is able to pluck up and enlist Pikmin to aid him him in battle. He can pick up a variety of Pikmin such as Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Purple. Olimar & Pikmin has a few new changes which are shown below. Olimar & Pikmin appear much like their appearance in Pikmin 3

Changes from SSB4

  • Olimar is now able to pick up to 4 Pikmin, rather than 3 in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Pikmin Pluck 0% Olimar plucks a Pikmin.
Custom 1 Hardy Pikmin Pluck 2% (uncharged), 3.5% (charged) Pikmin take much longer to pluck, but have much more health and knockback resistance.
Custom 2 Explosive Pluck 8% (RYB), 5% (W), 10% (P) Shot has little range but explodes in an ever-increasing range.
Side Special Pikmin Throw 7.8% (thrown R), 6.5% (thrown YB), 5.2% (thrown W), 6.5% (P), 1.1% (latched RYB), 3.7% (latched W) Thrown Pikmin latch onto opponents, falling off after a certain time or flinching. If the target cannot be latched onto, or the Pikmin is Purple, it simply deals damage.
Custom 1 Sticky Pikmin Throw 7.8% (thrown R), 6.5% (thrown YB), 5.2% (thrown W), 9.1% (P), 1% (latched RYB), 2% (latched W) Thrown Pikmin deal less damage but are harder to remove.
Custom 2 Tackle Pikmin Throw 5% (RYB), 3% (W), 8% (P) All Pikmin slam into opponents instead of grabbing.
Up Special Winged Pikmin 0% A rising kick move. Very powerful when the last kick connects.
Custom 1 Winged Pikmin Jump 0% Acts are a more traditional recovery, lifting Olimar up a certain distance before falling.
Custom 2 Mighty Winged Pikmin 0% Distance travelled does not depend on Pikmin carried.
Down Special Pikmin Order 0% Recalls Pikmin, sorts them, and changes which one heads the line.
Custom 1 Order Tackle 3% (RYB), 2% (W), 5% (P) Pikmin recalled deal damage.
Custom 2 Dizzy Whistle 0.1% (hit 1), 1% (hit 2) Reverses opponents in the whisle effect.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Pluck n' Toss 7.8% (thrown R), 6.5% (thrown YB), 5.2% (thrown W), 6.5% (P), 1.1% (latched RYB), 3.7% (latched W) Works much like Pikmin Pluck and Pikmin Throw. Pressing the special plucks the Pikmin and pressing special again throws it. Pressing down causes Olimar to store the Pikmin away. When thrown, it will return to Olimar.
Custom 1 Flowering Pluck n' Toss 4% (thrown R), 3.5% (thrown YB), 2% (thrown W), 5% (P), 1.1% (latched RYB), 1.7% (latched W) Weaker put the pluck and throw also causes a flower to sprout on the opponents head thus dealing more damage.
Custom 2 Burying Pluck n' Toss 7.8% (thrown R), 6.5% (thrown YB), 5.2% (thrown W), 6.5% (P), 1.1% (latched RYB), 3.7% (latched W) Unchanged but performing the pluck next to an opponent will bury them instead.
Side Special Captain Throw 8% (Louie throw), 4% (Louie roll), 6% (Brittany throw), 2% (Brittany roll), 12% (Charlie throw), 8% (Charlie roll) Olimar can take and throw one of the Captains: Louie, Brittany, and Charlie. Louie is average while Brittany is the lightest and travels the fartest but deals less damage while Charlie is heavier does more damage, but travels the least far. They will also roll for a set time and then vanish.
Custom 1 Captain Pickup Throw 8% (Louie throw), 4% (Louie roll), 6% (Brittany throw), 2% (Brittany roll), 12% (Charlie throw), 8% (Charlie roll) Does the same damage but instead of immediately throwing, Olimar will hold the Captain above his head and then pressing the special button again tosses the Captain. He is unable to double jump, roll, shield, taunt, dash, dodge or perform any type of attacks but can jump albeit weighed down though it differs between the three.
Custom 2 Olimar Throw 8% (olimar), 3% (roll) Oneof the Captains picks up Olimar and throws him forward instead. Louie throws average, Charlie throws farther but less rolling, and Brittany throws closer but more rolling. Can be used as a recovery move.
Up Special Bouncing Mushroom 4% Olimar & Pikmin jumps on a bouncing mushroom and bounce high into the air while moving forward. Opponent near the mushroom are slightly damaged and knockback when it bounces.
Custom 1 Stunning Mushroom Bounce 0% Instead of dealing damage, it hitstuns opponents by ejecting mushroom spores during the bounce.
Custom 2 Meteor Mushroom Bounce 8% Bounces less high but the bounce will meteor any opponents below the mushroom when it bounces.
Down Special Rock Pikmin 18% (throw), 3% (batter) Pikmin throws the Rock Pikmin forward. It does more damage when thrown but, afterwards, will travel about the stage and hit opponents which does less damage. When thrown in the air, it causes Olimar to fall faster slighty. Great for breaking shields. The Rock Pikmin will vanish when hit to much.
Custom 1 Rock Pikmin Debris 10% (throw), 7% (batter The throw does less damage while the battering does more damage with a wider hit box.
Custom 2 Heavy Rock Pikmin 7.5% (launch), 5% (hit) Olimar will toss the Heavy Rock Pikmin a very short distance away. It deals surprisingly less damage but will launch nearby players upwards when it hits the ground. It will then vanish.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 End of Day 10% (init), 10% (ascent), 10% (descent), 12%/10% (explosion) Olimar launches into space, causing Bulborbs to assault opponents, before crashing down. The crashing down portion does high damage and launches opponents away.
Final Smash 2 Super-Spicy Spray Varies Olimar activates the Super-Spicy Spray which causes Olimar & Pikmin to have a red-like energy. All attacks are buffed 4x and Olimar is much faster with plucking out Pikmin. Each Pikmin Pluck does explosions as does throwing them, Winged Pikmin carries Olimar farther, Pikmin Order generates wind knockback, Captain Throw throws the captain further far and meteors any airborne opponents, Mushroom Bounce has much higher recovery, and Rock Pikmin launches opponents into the air if it hits the ground or buries them if they hit the opponent.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Jumps up and down. (Up)
  • Swings his hips. (Right)
  • Bends forward and then backwards as if stretching. (Left)
  • Rolls slightly on the ground. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Olimar pulls up a Red Pikmin and points forward.
  • Olimar teeters from side to side while bobbing his head back and forth.
  • Olimar picks himself off from the ground and dusts himself off.

On Screen Appearance

  • Jumps off from a Hocotate Ship.
  • He's beamed down via the S.S. Dolphin.
  • Is seen laying on the ground sleeping, wakes up, and stands up.

Victory Animations

  • Olimar picks up a Blue Pikmin, then a White Pikmin, and then a Purple Pikmin. The blue and white Pikmin bounces off his head but the Purple Pikmin squashes him.
  • Moves his hands up and down while facing a Blue and Red Pikmin.
  • Sways in place while 3 Pikmin circle around him.
  • Olimar runs past the camera with a Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin. However, they run back the other way while chased by a Bulborb.
  • Olimar picks up a Rock Pikmin and chucks it at the screen; breaking it.
  • Olimar directs a Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin in carrying a fruit but the drop it; resulting in Olimar hanging his head in sadness.

Losing Animation

  • Olimar is facing forward while bobbing up and down while clapping.
  • Olimar is seen holding his helmet while moving his body in a circle motion.
  • Olimar's helmet appears broken and he is gasping for air.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix based a small excerpt of the title theme of Pikmin.

Idle Poses

  • Rubs his helmet
  • Swings his arms in a limber-up exercise.
  • Tilts side to side with more exaggeration.
  • Jumps up and down slightly.


Olimar & Pikmin's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Olimar & Pikmin

Unlock: Classic Mode

Olimar & Pikmin (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Red Oiimar

Alph & Pikmin (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Purple

Mrs. Olimar & Pikmin

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

President & Pikmin

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

Olimar & Pikmin (Pikmin Order)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge White Olimar

Alph & Pikmin (Captain Throw)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge Red Alph

Olimar & Pikmin (Black)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Alph & Pikmin (Pink)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Olimar & Pikmin (Up) Green

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Plasm Olimar

Unlock: Complete a Wario Character Challenge

End of Day

Unlock: All Star Mode

Super-Spicy Spray

Unlock: Unlock all Olimar & Pikmin's trophies

Alternate Costumes

Color Title Color Notes Status
Tan Yellow Olimar's default outfit. Starter
Red Red --- Starter
Green Green --- Starter
Blue White Combines his white and blue color swaps from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Starter
Black Green Combines Olimar's Black and Green color swaps from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Starter
Alph Light Blue Alph's default outfit. Starter
Alph Green Green Based on Charlie. Starter
Alph Pink Pink Based on Brittany. Starter
Alph Red Red --- Starter
Purple Purple --- Starter
Mrs. Olimar % Pikmin White Based of Olimar's wife. Locked
Mr. President & Pikmin Black Based on Mr. President. Locked
Plasm Olimar Gold Based of the color scheme of the Plasm Wraith. Locked


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