This is an alternated universe version of Sarasaland, however this is considered non-canonical and only applies to Princess Daisy and the Legend of the Sarasaland Scepters and Kooped Up.

Old Sarasaland is the original Kingdom under Queen Bryony and King Lienani's leadership. Old Sarasaland and everything in it was abandoned when Tatanga destroyed Sarasaland Dam flooding a lot of the important land. The citizens where evacuated to a new location where they settled down and lived and prepared for the Festival of the Eastern Star.


Old Sarasaland was lost when Tatanga tried to invade it, accidentally flooding it. Most of the citizens had already began evacuation before this point, no lives where lost and the moved to what is now New Sarasaland. Tatanga deemed the flooded lands un-inhabitable for him and his army and later invaded Auroralas.


Old Sarasaland is based on Africa, the capital being based on the country Egypt, named Patranile. Other real life countries in Africa are the inspiration for other cities in Old Sarasaland such as Kenya and Uganda being the inspiration for Tutand and Neferti.


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