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Breathe Slowly The Blackout

"Old Friends" written by Exotoro

Unten: Man, where could Rachel and Britt be?

[He bumps into a little boy running down the street.]

Unten: Oh sorry! Hey, uh, have you heard of anyone named Rachel or maybe Britt?

Little Boy: Why would I know?

Unten: Oh right, I'm an idiot.

Little Boy: You're welcome!

[The little boy runs off.]


[Unten ponders more.]

Unten: Oh, he's implying I'm an idiot. WELL, YOU TOO, YOU LITTLE BRAT!

Teenage Girl: Wait, did you say you were looking for a Rachel?

Unten: Yeah. Do you know her?

Teenage Girl: I have a Rachel as a mom...

Unten: I'm a old friend of hers. Hey, do you think you could take me to her?

Teenage Girl: M'kay. I'm not supposed to trust strangers, but you look like a big ol' teddy bear so...

Unten: I'm not actua- why does everyone keep saying that?!

Teenage Girl: Because you look like one.

[Unten groans and it cuts to a house. The girl rings the doorbell.]

Rachel: Oh hey!

Unten: Wait, so this is your kid?

Rachel: Sona? Yeah.

Unten: long was I out then?

Rachel: Five years or so?

Unten: Eh, I guess it isn't that bad then. I assume she's adopted then?

Rachel: Yeah.

Unten: Well, neat.

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