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"Old Friends" written by Exotoro

Old Friends is the second episode in Fantendo the Animated Series: The Next Generation. It was written by series creator Exotoro.

This episode follows Unten as he reunites with Rachel and Britt, who have begun their own families.


The episode begins with Unten looking for Rachel and Britt. He bumps into a little boy, who subtly calls him an idiot, which he takes an offense at. He then meets a girl named Sona, who takes him to her mother's house after Unten says he's looking for a woman named Rachel. Unten goes to the door and talks with Rachel and gets a rough estimate of how long he was out: 5 years.

Rachel and Unten talk for a bit in the living around, catching up. Rachel explains that the group tried to stick together for about a year, but they decided to move on, most of them moving out of Weststar to begin anew. Britt comes over with Helen, who show them their baby Andrea, who they had adopted recently.

Unten explains what happened to him, and Rachel and Britt seemed a bit surprised at the mention of this Leah Needlenam character and what happened to Ohama. The episode closes as Unten sleeps on the couch, with it zooming out to the night sky, and then down into a desert, where it reveals that Netnu is alive and well. He gets information that Unten is alive and begins to head to Eastpine.

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