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Okrum is a character in the video game Okurm he is a great wizard and travles the land to find the Stones Of Rift to save his sister Polly.


Okrum is a kind and loving wizard.Though he is a very serious wizard going to a forutune teller once a month.



Polly is Okurm's sister they explore the land of Kikoro to find the The Rift a accient being that will grant you inifinte power.Polly gets sucked into the Rift unleashing the greatest villans from all time peroids.


Alistar is Okrum's fomer best friend.In Mage School Alistar got expled for killing a kid and Okurm never saw him again untill he recuited the Agents of Time.He is occupying the City Of Infinte Riches.

The Fourtune Teller

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