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Okami 3
Developer(s) Platinum Games
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogoBlack
Genre(s) Action RPG
Release Date(s)
(WW): TBA 2020
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013TCERO B426px-PEGI 12.svg
Media Included Nintendo Switch Cartridge, Nintendo eShop


Previously in the Okami series, Chibiterasu and Kuni managed to obliterate the spirit of darkness Akuro once and for all. After that, Kuni decided to travel, on his own, to discover his true self. However, during his travels, he will come end up more adventures, meeting new people, new lands, and... demons attacking yet again? How? Join Kuni in his travels to extinguish brand new evils.


In this adventure, players take control of Kuni, previous sword wielding companion of Chibiterasu. He comes wielding new weapons and brand new combat ability.



Kuni is familiar with swords, having trained with his wooden sword for a while. The speed varies among the many types of swords Kuni will receive in his adventure, but they are usually not the fastest nor the slowest weapon they can wield. They have the shortest range of any weapon he can equip, though again, the range varies among different swords. Depending on the type of sword wielded, they can offer varying elemental effects. As a sub weapon, they can send Kuni flying forward in a stinger fashion, close the gap between enemies.


A long pole weapon. They more often than not offer medium range, and are often the fastest weapons Kuni can wield. It is good for combos and good for attacking enemies more than 5 feet away from him. Depending on the type of pole weapon wielded, they can have varying elemental effects. As a sub weapon, the Kuni will spin the pole weapon in a full 360 degree circle with a radius of over 5 feet.


A weapon used more often for long range combat. Attributes vary among bows, but they often deal better damage with launched arrows than with melee combat. Kuni can try attacking in melee combat with the bow itself, but the damage dealt is usually inefficient. Don't worry about the realistic drawbacks of the bow, because this quiver somehow holds an infinite amount of arrows. It has the longest range among the weapons Kuni can equip. Depending on the type of bow wielded, they offer various elemental effects. As a sub weapon, Kuni could quickly launch an arrow straight ahead. If you hold the button for sub weapon, Kuni can actually aim the bow and launch the arrow where he chooses.


Okami 3 (Name subject to Change) Weapons

Brush techniques

Despite not having Chibiterasu joining him on this journey, Kuni may still have access to the brush techniques. Not by himself, but through a travel Poncle looking for some way to replicate the techniques of the now famed Issun.

  1. Rejuvenation - received from Yomigami. Draw an outline around a broken object to restore it to its former self.
  2. Power Slash - received from Tachigami. Draw a straight line across your target to hit them with a celestial slash
  3. Greensprout>Bloom - received from Sakigami. Draw a circle around a dead plant to make it bloom.
  4. Cherry Bomb - received from Bakugami. Draw a circle with a line poking from it to summon up a bomb that explodes on contact with an enemy and on contact with cracks in the environment.
  5. Crescent - received from Yumigami. Draw a backwards C to go from day to night.
  6. Greensprout>Water Lily - received from Hasugami. Draw a circle over the water to create a Lily Pad you can use as a platform.
  7. Greensprout>Vine - received from Tsutagami. Draw a line connecting from a konohana blossom to a target to pull it towards the flower.
  8. Galestorm - received from Kazegami. Draw either a spiral or a loop to generate wind blowing in the direction specified by the way you brush.
  9. Inferno - received from Moegami. Draw a line from a source of fire to the target to distribute fire
  10. Veil of Mist - received from Kasugami. Draw two parallel lines to slow down time around Kuni.

Divine radiance

Certain combos result in Kuni having a certain glow radiating about him. At the start of our story, it's unknown as to what this glow is, but whatever it does, it seems to amplify brush techniques. Applying a different brush technique to Kuni while he's radiating will result in him unleashing a special technique specific to the bush technique. Power slashing across his glowing body while he's using a sword will result in him unleashing a powerful horizontal strike. Performing a gale storm across his body while he's glowing and wielding a sword results in Wind of Wrath, a move that has Kuni spin like a top with his sword outstretched. Drawing a crescent moon over Kuni while he's radiant and wileding a sword results in Celestial clever, a high damaging leaping slash. Test out this radiance with various techniques to see what Kuni can do.


Unfortunately for Kuni, he is mortal, so he won't be able to physically gather praise from people, trees, or animals he helps. Completing quests will yield rewards like cash and bonus items, sometimes he may gain bonus reward like a free means of sleep or a place to acquire food for free. Instead, he earns experience through defeating enemies and using brush techniques to restore nature. Experience gathered can then be poured into stats, such as vitality, mobility, defense, and ink pots. Other material leveled up with praise previously is earned through side quests.

Animal companions

Despite this being his journey of self discovery, there are certain obstacles Kuni can't overcome on his own. Fortunately, he'll encounter strangely friendly animals that'll offer their strengths to the young traveler.

Health system

The health system follows more closely to how Okami handled the life system rather than how Okamiden handled it. Instead of each united being segmented such that you see you lost a quarter of a unit or such, each unit sort of drains. For example, if you are in the process of drowning or are burning, instead of the unit losing quarters, it'll shrink until it eventually disappears. Attacks will drain a unit at varying amounts depending on the enemy and the attack.

Nagi's Armor

After Kuni reacquires Nagi's armor, a new bar appears. When this bar fills up, Kuni will be able to dawn the armor, which boosts his overall speed and damage, and replaces his current weapon with a more powerful one. When activated, the bar steadily drains before Kuni is forced to drop it.


  • Bronze powder - Apply to a weapon. When used, it permanently increases damage dealt by a weapon by one tier.
  • Silver powder - Apply to a weapon. When used, it permanently increases the speed of a weapon by one tier.
  • Gold powder - Apply to a weapon. When used, it permanently increases the damage dealt by a weapon by one tier, and permanently increase the speed of a weapon by one tier

(more details will be added later)


Image Name Description
In Progress Kuni A young warrior trying to find out who he is. He is controlled by the player, and fights to rid the world of the new demon invasion.
In Progress Sanmomme A travelling poncle artist trying to replicate Issun's style by going through the journey he's been on. Kuni would've preferred his journey be done on his own, but when he became involved in the ever present battle between the divine and the demons, he was forced to make an exception and take let Sanmomme assist him.
In Progress Moon Bear A moon bear that was possessed by a demon slip. After Kuni defeated it, the slip burns away and he's back to his former self. He proceeds to assist Kuni.
In Progress Tofu-kozo A demon that, despite being a demon, is fairly nice to humans. He'll even sell you items from within enemy dungeons or strongholds. He's subject to teasing and abuse from other demons, so he helps out Kuni in his quest to vanquish the demons attacking the world.
In Progress Shuten Doji A demon warrior leading the other demons in their conquest for reigning in the age of darkness.

(more details will be added later)


  1. Deep Forest
  2. Kappa Mountain
  3. Imperial Palace


The dojo returns for this game, and it comes with a variety of techniques old and new. They each cost a large amount of yen.

Name Description Price
4 shears Gain a fourth hit to your base sword-combo tree. TBD
5 shears Gain a fifth hit to your base sword-combo tree. TBD
Sword Dance Equip a sword in both main and sub weapon in order to increase damage. 20,000
Destructive Staff Equip a staff in both main and sub weapon in order to increase damage. TBD
Piercing Bow Equip a bow in both main and sub weapon in order to increase damage. TBD
Dual Dance First, you must learn Sword Dance. With a sword in both main and sub weapon, you'll be able to use both in certain combos to extend the combo and speed as well as lay on more damage at once. 20,000
Dual Destruction First, you must earn Destructive Staff. With a staff in both main and sub weapon, you'll be able to use both in certain combos to extend the combo and speed as well as lay on more damage at once. TBD


  • Smelly Kappas: A group of kappas stole the farmers crops, and now Kuni is tasked with eliminating five of them and getting the five crops back. Use Moon Bear to track down their noxious scent.
  • Daitengu Elimination: Beings greater than ordinary tengu reside upon certain mountains. Find and eliminate them!

Ocean Quests

Sometimes Kuni will be able to travel out to see in order to complete certain quests. Common traits among these missions involve: riding Iru to battle, the ship having a health bar, the ship being able to fire on targets when Kuni brings them into range

  • Ocean Plague -The source of a plague has been sighted in the middle of the ocean. Go out and end it! (Source revealed to be Bakekujira)
  • Sea Giant - Defeat the mysterious giant in the middle of the ocean (Later revealed to be an Umibozu)


Name Description
Green Imp A standard grunt to the Okami series. These ones come packing a kendama, with which, in addition to attracting children to transform, they'll use to fight. They can try to pound you with the hammer edge of the toy, or flick the ball outward for a ranged attack.
Red Imp An only slightly nonstandard grunt to the Okami series. They wield a kendama for when they are found without their shakubyoshi, two wooden slabs stuck together and clapped together. They'll try to beat opponent with the instrument, or clap them on the opponent. If threatened enough, they'll go into a defensive stance with the instrument, blocking all attacks unless destroyed with a power slash.
Yellow Imp A grunt significantly more resilient than green and red imps. They have more girth to them than green and red imps. Comes with a small flat gong that he can use to send shockwaves either across the stage or out in front of him. Occasionally, he stretches the gong out in front of him and spins around, trying to maneuver itself towards Kuni.
Nobusuma A large, flying squirrel looking creature. Primarily attacks by flying above and spitting nuts you can power slash back at it. After knocking it out of the air with galestorm, it proceeds to crawl and try to scratch at him.
Kasa-obake A possessed umbrella. They are commonly seen hopping around the arena and keeping in the air to make hitting it harder. A tactic that'd be difficult to counter until you get galestorm. Galestorm also upturns the flap of the umbrella, leaving them vulnerable.
Onikuma A demon bear that walks upright. They carry a giant acorn over their shoulder and behave similarly to the Moon Bear. They appear after the Moon Bear boss fight. Unlike the Moon Bear fight, after knocked dizzy by a cherry bomb in front of his rolling body, you do not use power slash on the acorn to damage him. Their health doesn't determine when they hop on the acorn and they can hop off the acorn whenever. Also, when rendered dizzy, they are susceptible to attacks and brush techniques.
Kappa A reptilian demon with a saucer on their head that attempts to lure prey into water to drown. In battle, they slash about, attempt to tackle opponents, spray water out of their mouth at a high pressure, and even turn their backside towards Kuni to blast him with a poisonous fart. Kappas are exceptionally dangerous around water, if the saucer on their head gets filled with water, they're abilities become enhanced, doing twice as much damage and being twice as fast as before. Groups of kappas even try to spray each other with water to enhance each other. You can use waterspout to remove the water from these saucers and even stun them for a brief moment.
Tanuki A shady, cowardly enemy. They can usually only be fought through chest scrolls, demon scrolls hidden in chests and used to ambush adventurers. They don't tend to fight to the death, instead the use techniques to steal money or items from adventurers. After stealing a sufficient amount of yen or 1 item, Kuni will have a limited amount of time to defeat these enemies before they leave with his stuff.
Nozuchi A fat snake like creature that is as long as half the arena that spawns when Kuni encounters an enemy scroll. It usually slithers slowly about the arena, but it moves fast when attacking. It tries to circle you and close in, contact with any part of it equaling damage, head butt you, and sweeps the area with its tail. It also charges towards Kuni with its mouth wide open. If it makes contact, it'll catch Kuni in its mouth and swallow him whole, trapping him in his stomach. Kuni will steadily take damage until you use brush techniques on its head to make it spit him out.
Enenra A monster made of smoke that originates from a wildfire. They themselves can't be damaged, so Kuni must destroy the fire creating them while avoiding the attacks of their main form. When players get waterspout or galestorm, they can use either to douse the flame. Interestingly, this doesn't kill the demon, just reduce it to a puff of smoke at the source, effectively stunning them. After getting unstunned, the fire will come back in full force (though not healing, the smoke monster just returns to normal).
Green Phantom Samurai A hulking suit of green samurai armor filled with green miasma walking on its own. It wields a sword and throws blades from afar (these blades you can deflect with a power slash).
Red Phantom Samurai A hulking suit of red samurai armor filled with red miasma walking on its own. It wields a staff and is noticeably faster than other samurai.
Yellow Phantom Samurai A hulking suit of yellow samurai armor filled with yellow miasma walking on its own. It wields a bow and set of arrows and likes to keep its distance from you, though it will occasionally throw in melee attacks if it's desperate.
Mole An enemy exclusive to the tournament. They burrow underground and dig towards Kuni. They may pop up in front of him and swipe at him with their claws, or they burrow directly underneath Kuni and rams its head upward to try and strike Kuni.
Blue Ninja Guards positioned in temples. This variation wields poisonous kunai and a katana
Black Ninja Guards positioned in temples. Specialize with smoke bombs, bombs, and shurikens.
Yuki-onna Appears like a pale woman wearing a snow white dress. The like to summon up clouds of freezing air to freeze Kuni, or send forth a blast of water to freeze Kuni, or form blades of ice that they swing about. They can also form ice blades that they telekinetically throw at Kuni, which can be deflected with a well placed power slash. They also tend to inflict Kuni with charm, rendering him susceptible to their next attack. They are exceptionally weak to fire.
Geisha An enemy exclusive to the wind tournament. She has the same moveset as Hagane-kyuu, except instead of grabs and throws, she has paper fan, with which she either throws like a boomerang, create a burst of air in front of her, or generates a tornado.
Nekomata A cat-like being bearing two tails tipped with flames. They slash about with their claws, sometimes dashing all the way across the arena, they can spawn fire, or they can even posses Kuni to keep him preoccupied while another enemy attacks. If Kuni puts out the flames on their tails, they'll be stunned.
Tengu A bird-like demon notorious for their dangerous battle skill. They are seen sending forth tornados, shards of ice, and spewing poisonous fumes.

(more details will be added later)


Main Story Bosses

  1. Moon Bear
  2. Yama-no-Kami
  3. Nue
  4. Ibaraki Doji
  5. Shuten Doji
  6. Sojobo


Ocean Quest Bosses

Tournament exclusive bosses


Kuni has the opportunity to participate in a series of gauntlets, in which Kuni could face challenges ranging from defeating a multitude of enemies to defeating enemies under certain inhibitors. He may be forced to fight without Sanmomme, and thus without the celestial brush, he could be forced to fight with a bow and limited arrows, he could even be forced to keep a constant combo until all enemies are defeated. This mode also features bosses Kuni already fought, as well as bosses exclusive to each tournament.

  1. Earth Tournament
  2. Water Tournament
  3. Fire Tournament
  4. Wind Tournament
  5. Void Tournament

(if anyone reading has any suggestions, feel free to comment them)

New Game + Rewards

Accomplishing certain goals in the game give you access to new rewards in the new game plus.

Name Requirements Description
Concept Kuni Complete the game for the first time You can now make Kuni resemble his concept artwork.
Pillow Talk Max out the combat ability of swords and defeat 250 enemies with a sword A sword that belongs to Waka. It is considered one of the best weapons in the game.


  • Why is Kuni our protagonist?
    • A big reason why players control Kuni is to answer a criticism against Okamiden. People felt it was a bit too similar to Okami. To avoid that issue, this game features almost completely new areas, new enemies and a new protagonist with a completely new move set. Of course, we're still including the divine arts.
  • Is the title still subject to change?
    • Yes. Yes it is. The series doesn't use numbers to mark which is which, there's more meaning in their title. The thing is, I haven't been thinking about another title recently. The title of the second game translated to Okami Chronicles: Tiny Sun, so I've got to consider what part of that says "Okami Chronicles," and how to say "Legendary Hero."

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