Weaponry of Okami 3


Name Description
Kuni's wooden sword The first weapon Kuni wields. A very basic weapon that does a small amount of damage. Has decent speed.
Shishio A katana obtained after eliminating the Nue. It is significantly faster than Kuni's wooden sword and deals medium damage.
Oni club A club wielded some of the more dangerous demons, obtained from defeating Ibaraki Doji. Kuni's able to wield this weapon like a sword. It is the slowest weapon Kuni can wield. Does high damage and attacks with more of a bash than a slice.
Pillow Talk A sword with a blade made of green light. Said to have belonged to Waka, it is a formidable blade in any battle, boasting significant reach and superior speed.


Name Input Description
3 Strike Light, Light, Light Kuni swings the equipped sword right, then left, then right again
Smashing Strike Heavy Kuni swings his sword like he were swinging a bat.
Launch Light, pause, Heavy Kuni swings the equipped sword diagonally once, then upward, scraping it along the ground, upward, hitting lighter enemies into the air. Can hold the Heavy attack button to jump up
3 Strike (air) (While in air) Light, Light, Light While in the air, Kuni swings the sword right, then left, the right again
Hammering Strike (While in air) Heavy Kuni summons up his strength to swing his blade downwards, crashing his blade into the ground below
Hard Slash Back-Forth Light/Heavy Kuni reals back performs a powerful diagonal slash
Dual Hard Slash (With Dual Dance) Back-Forth Light/Heavy Kuni reals back and performs powerful diagonal slashes, slashing his main sword and sub sword opposite each other. With the two swords out, Kuni can continue into another combo using the two blades

Divine Radiance

Name Brush Technique Description Ink Cost
Super Slash Power Slash Slashes in a horizontal line, striking with supreme power. 1
Cherry Mine Cherry Bomb A Cherry Bomb is placed in the ground beneath Kuni, which explodes when an enemy steps on it. 1
Wind of Wrath Galestorm Wind wraps around Kuni, causing him to spin like a top while his blade is outstretched. 3
Celestial Clever Crescent Kuni takes a crouching stance, holding his blade in front of him as if it were symmetrically dividing him. After the build up, he leaps forward, bringing down the blade for an especially powerful strike. 2
Erupting Stab Fire Kuni plunges his sword into the ground, and forms a massive blast of fire around him. After this, the sword gets an added fire element for a short time 3
Blink Slash Veil of Mist Kuni takes a stance, then, in an instant, appears a fair distance away, passing through enemies between point A and point B. Any enemies he passes through appear to be struck 6 times in an instant. 3
Stinger Thunderstorm Kuni zips forward, electricity coursing through his blade, jab into any enemies between point A and point B. After the attack, electricity runs through the blade for a short period of time, unless the blade already has electricity running through it. 2
Chilly Bane Blizzard The blade Kuni holds gets coated in ice, which grew to be twice as long. As the ice blade formed, Kuni goes forward, swinging the blade around him in a circle twice. Afterwards, the blade collapses, leaving behind a sword with an ice element to it. 2

Pole Weapons

Name Description
Mochi Pounding Mallet The first staff Kuni can get, obtained from defeating the Moon Bear. A mallet slower than most staffs, even being as fast as Kuni's wooden sword. Does medium damage.


Name Input Description
3 Sweep Light, Light, Light Quickly swings the staff in a slanted circular motion, striking the ground in front of him and swiping at the air above his head three times.
Jab Heavy Quickly jabs the end of the weapon forward.
3 sweep (air) (While in air) Light, Light, Light Quickly swings the staff around in a vertical swing three times.
Jab (air) (While in air) Heavy Jabs the end of the staff forward.

Divine Radiance

Name Brush Technique Description Ink Cost
Sharpened Boomerang Power Slash After drawing a power slash across Kuni during his divine radiance, he tosses the staff in front of him in a circular motion, causing it to boomerang around back to him, slicing enemies on its forward and return trip. 1
Imploding Barrel, Flying Monkeys Vine When drawing a vine onto Kuni during his divine radiance, he tosses the vines forward as they form into a powerful log. 3
Mortal Tornado Galestorm Kuni twirls the staff in front of him like a fan, generating a powerful, damaging twister in front of him. 2
Burning Edge Fire Both ends of the staff are tipped with flames, giving Kuni's weapon a fire element to it. 1
Blink Step Veil of Mist Kuni seems to teleport half the arena's length away, swinging the staff in a circle around him immediately after teleporting. 1
Lightning Rod Lightning Kuni plants the end of the staff into the ground and generates a bunch of electricity in the sky. After the attack, the staff has lightning elements to it. 2


Name Description
Gekigami's Bow Said to be the tool of Gekigami themselves, it is stronger than any bow crafted by mortal hands. It's melee is good compared to other bow melee attacks, and its arrows are faster and stronger than any weapon. It also carries the element of lightning, allowing Kuni to use the celestial brush to send lightning directly from the quiver to the target.


Name Input Description
3 Pierce Light, Light, Light Fires of a bow three times in quick succession.
3 Bash Heavy, Heavy, Heavy Swings the bow itself right to left three times in succession.
Launching Pierce Heavy, (pause) Light Hits the enemy into the air before shooting them with an arrow.

Divine Radiance

Name Brush Technique Description Ink Cost
Split Shot Power Slash The arrow Kuni launches magically splits into multiple shards, carrying the same damage as one arrow, flying from the source. 1
Cherry Shot Cherry Bomb The arrow launches and explodes upon contact. 2
Piercing Winds Galestorm A tornado spawns a fair distance away from Kuni, which he fires into, as it sucks up enemies. The tornado lasts three seconds, and any sucked up enemies get pierced by the arrows swirling in the winds. 3
Vine Snare Vine When the arrow flies forward, it comes with a vine. Upon contact, this vine wraps around the target, ensnaring them. 3
Blink Shot Veil of Mist A veil of mist appears a fair distance away, and Kuni automatically fires into it 7 times, the arrows stalling in place, until a wall of arrows are formed. Then, the veil's effects wear off, and the wall of arrows fly forward. 2

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