This is a list of the background music in Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Game.

Name Where It Plays
Title Screen At the Title Screen
Menu At the Menu
The Neighbourhood At the world map of The Neighbourhood.
A Bold Start! At the first stage from The Neighbourhood,
Humble Interior At indoor stages from various worlds.
City Tour At city stages from The City.
Bad Altitude At rooftop stages from The City.
The Interstate At the world map of The Interstate.
Going On a Roadtrip At level 3-1.
Wasteland At desert stages from The Interstate.
Minecart Madness At level 3-3, in the sections where you ride minecarts.
The Night Wasteland At sunset and night-time levels from The Interstate.
Supporting the Ship At the spaceship level in The Interstate.
Summer Vacation At level 4-1.
A Trip To the Beach At the beach levels from The Coast.
The Undersea Tour At level 4-4.
The Dark Depths of the Ocean At the deep sea levels from The Coast.
Going to the Woods At daytime stages from The Forest.
Exploring the Dark Forest At night-time stages from The Forest.
Up the Tall Mountain At most mountain stages from The Mountain.
Winter Is Coming At level 6-5.
Freezing Winds At the snow levels from The Mountain.
The Land of Ooze At the outside levels from The Factory.
The Stinky, Oozing Sewers At the sewer parts of level 7-3.
Crowning the Slime Princess During the battle against Slimee Princess.
Studying the Factory At several factory levels from The Factory.
Mathematical Machineries At several levels from The Factory.

More coming soon...

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