This is a list of enemies that appear in Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Game.

Picture Name Behavior
Oggy Mouse
Mouse They simply walk around. Arguably, they're the weakest enemies in the game. They can be defeated by jumped on or hit, and are found in most levels.
Boy Like Mice, they simply walk around, but they won't walk off cliffs. They appear less than Mice, only appearing at urban areas.
Cockroach Cockroaches can be defeated in one hit, but they can walk on walls. They first appear in Level 1-2
Doggy These pets will attempt to chase Oggy if they spot him. They first appear in Level 1-2.
Pigeon They fly around, trying to go down at poor Oggy everytime.
Bully Bullies are slightly stronger than Boys. They had to be hit or jumped on twice to defeat, and they will chase Oggy once spotted. They appear mostly in The Neighbourhood and The City.
Cookie Girl These girl scouts sometimes make Candies or Chocolates when defeated. They are primarily found in The Neighbourhood.
Sand Fox These big-eared foxes roam the desert levels in The Interstate. They simply walk and can be defeated in one hit.
Platyprobe These platypus-shaped robots appear in the spaceship levels. They will attempt to swarm Oggy when they saw them.
Crab Crabs appear in the beach levels, though some are found in the undersea levels. They simply walk around, though they won't walk off cliffs.
Swimmer These swimming kids always carry tubers which allow them to float on water. They only appear in the beach levels.
Fishy These fishes simply swim around and can be defeated with one hit. They only appear in underwater levels.
Sharky Sharkies are mostly harmless, but if they see Oggy, they will attempt to chase him.
Squirrel Squirrels are found in most levels in The Forest. They sometimes jump.
Elite Cookie Girl Elite Cookie Girls are a stronger form of Cookie Girls. They are found in forest or mountain levels.
Slimee These green blob-creatures are found in outside levels of The Factory. Oggy can't jump on them, as they wear radioactive waste drums. Instead, you can hit them.
Slimelet Slimelets are small, weak versions of the Slimees. They do not wear buckets, so you can jump on them. They are spawned by Slimee Princess during her battle.
Slimee Princess The supposed leader of the Slimees, she is battled near the end of level 7-3. She sticks to the ceiling and attacks by spawning Slimelets to attack you and slamming Oggy with her drum she's wearing. If she got her drum stuck on the floor, you can attack her.
Greenroach These mutant Cockroaches appear in some levels in The Factory. They will attempt to chase Oggy when they spot him, so be careful.
Bubbleglob These pink, mutated bubblegum blobs appear in later stages of The Factory. They attack by shooting goo at you.

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