Oggy and the Cockroaches: Lost in Time
Developer(s) Oggy1232
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Genre(s) Platformer
Predecessor Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Game
Oggy and the Cockroaches: Lost in Time is a 3D platformer game. It will focus on Oggy and his journey through time to save Olivia and his fridge from an evil creature.


The game begins with Oggy digging something in his yard, and he suddenly struck something hard. He then digs it and finds a button. The cockroaches then appear out of nowhere and presses the button, causing a hole to open nearby! Oggy then looks down into the hole, but the cockroaches push him, causing him to fall in!

Oggy then ends up in what appears to be a dark cave. He finds a small, red button, which he presses. Suddenly, lights went on and monitors turn on revealing that he is in an abandoned, large underground base.


Unlike it's predecessor, Oggy and the Cockroaches: Lost in Time takes place in a fully 3D environment. Besides simply hitting enemies to defeat them, Oggy can collect weapons and use them to defeat the enemies. There are also collectibles he can get. There are also bonus levels where you play as Dee Dee, one of the cockroaches. Here, the level is entirely side-scrolling.


Chapter 1: Primeval Panic (500.000 BC)

Level Name Description
1-1 Prehistoric Paradise This is the first level in the game. This easy level takes place in a prehistoric jungle, where you face cavepeople and dinosaurs.
1-2 Raptor Attack This level is slightly harder. It takes place in the plains and has raptors attacking you. Near the end, a group of raptors will ambush you, setting up the first miniboss of the game.
1-3 Run! This level takes place in the plains. The gimmick of this level has you being chased by a T.rex!
1-4 Icy Past This level takes place at a a snowy plain, with slippery ice everywhere. There are sometimes cavemen and mammoths running around.
Boss Mosasaurus This is the first boss of the game and his stage takes place on a lake.

Chapter 2: Walk Like an Egyptian (100 BC)

Level Name Description
2-1 Egyptian Times This level takes place in an Egyptian city and has you facing townspeople.
2-2 Travelling Oggy This level takes place in the middle of a desert, where you face bandit cockroaches.
2-3 Booby Trapped This level takes place in an Egyptian temple. This level is filled with a lot of dangerous traps, such as crocodile pits, spikes, moving walls, crumbling floors, and more.
2-4 Boulder Bonanza This level has you being chased by a giant boulder! It still takes place inside the temple.
Boss King Kitty King Kitty is the boss of this world.

Chapter 3: Medieval Mayhem (1303 AD)

Level Name Description
3-1 Village Rampage This level has you crossing through a medieval village, and has you facing knights, townspeople, and children.
3-2 Cozy Castle This level takes place in a medieval castle. Various enemies such as knights will go after you, so look out.
3-3 Horse Ride This level is the first driving level of the game. It has Oggy riding on a horse, rampaging through the village and later a forest.
3-4 The Fairy Forests This level takes place in a forest. There are enemies like wizards, fairies, and forest animals coming after you in this forest.
3-5 Dragon's Mountain This level takes place on a volcano, with hot lava everywhere. Near the end, a dragon will appear and shoot fire at you, and you must avoid it.
Boss Roach Wizard The guardian of an ancient book, this wizard is the boss of this world and his stage takes place in a castle.

Chapter 4: Steam Punked (1901 AD)

Level Name Description
4-1 Industrial Times This level takes place in a Victorian era city. There are naughty children and street cockroaches everywhere, so look out. Some areas even has you dodging steam-powered cars.
4-2 Road Cats This is the second driving level of the game. It has Oggy riding a steam-powered car through the roads of the city.
4-3 A Happy Day This level takes place in a grassy field outside the city, with Victorian era houses. There are still steam-powered cars which runs on roads you need to cross, and there are a lot of children.
4-4 Factory Inspection This level takes place in a steam-powered factory. There are hazardous obstacles in this level, such as crushers, flamethrowers, conveyor belts, and naughty, working children.
4-5 Tower Trouble This level has you climbing a large tower.
Boss English Cockroach English Cockroach is the boss of this world.

Chapter 5: Retro Stuff (1990 AD)

Level Name Description
5-1 The Glory Days This level takes place at a nice 90s neighbourhood. There are enemies such as dogs, children, and more.
5-2 Retro Run This level takes place in a 90's city and has you facing naughty children, teenagers, and others. Look out for the cars!
5-3 School Time This level takes place in a school, with teenagers and children as the main enemies.
5-4 Cat Rider This driving level has you driving a car throughout the city, and later, a large field.
5-5 First Contact This unusual level starts with you in a large field nearby a farm at night, but you suddenly end up in an alien ship. Aliens and robots are the enemies in this level.
Boss Star Emperor The Star Emperor is the boss of this world.

Chapter 6: Future Frenzy (2100 AD)

Level Name Description
6-1 The City of Tomorrow This level takes place in a futuristic, shiny city. The enemies in this game incluse future people, robots, and children on hoverboards.
6-2 Tube Trouble This level takes place inside the buildings. The main gimmick is the tubes that Oggy can use to travel between buildings.
6-3 Park Panic This level takes place in a futuristic park.
6-4 The Great Mushroom War Aliens are invading this nice city! This level has you fighting these aliens and dodging lasers from their mothership.
6-5 The War Begins This level has you riding a tank, shooting alien invaders alongside other soldiers in the middle of a battlefield.
6-6 Fly! This is the first flying level of the game. It has Oggy riding Time Kid, shooting alien ships and probes.
Boss The Mutant

Chapter 7: What Time Is It? (3015 AD)

Level Name Description
7-1 A New Age This level takes place in a large, seemingly post-apocalyptic field.


Image Name Description
Oggy Oggy is the main and player character of this game.
Time Kid Time Kid is a nice, time-travelling creature. He acts as Oggy's helper, helping him do double-jumps, attack, and more!


Image Name Description
Pizza Slice A slice of pizza will replenish Oggy's health.
Whole Pizza A whole pizza will fully replenish Oggy's health.


Primeval Panic

Walk Like an Egyptian

Medieval Mayhem

Steam Punked

Retro Stuff

Future Frenzy

What Time Is It?


  • The future at Chapter 7 resembles the Land of Ooo, and the name references the show Adventure Time. The chapter before it also has level 6-4, The Great Mushroom War, and ends with the city ruined. This may be a reference to the theory that Adventure Time takes place in a post-apocayptic setting.

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