Officer Seksyca
Officer Seksyca
Seksyca, Tak's sexy police girlfriend
Full Name Officer Seksyca
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Moth
Location Ant City
Current Status Active
Class Protagonist
Police Woman
Family and Relations
Tak (boyfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Baton, Fists
First Appearance Tak Too (2003)
Officer Seksyca is a main character in the Tak-Zac series. She is a brown moth who works as a sexy police woman. She made her first appearance in Tak Too, where she helps the gang destroy the Metal Bugs. She is also Tak's girlfriend.


Officer Seksyca is a brown moth with black hair, black eye pupils and pink lips. She wears a blue officer hat, her hair in a pony tail, blue shirt tucked into black shorts held by an orange belt, black gloves, white socks and black boots.