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Warning: This page is the boring baby version. Want to experience true uncensored unoppressed content? Find it on Lapis.

Officer is the second censored episode of Goldlake.


“Hello. Is this Craig Hamel?”


“This is Officer Truslow. You called this morning about a missing person.”

“Yes, that was me.” Craig began to smile as he assumed Chris had been found.

Chris Pearlman was found dead earlier this evening.”

Craig looked at the snow outside and began crying. Tears forced their way out of his eyes, dripping down his face and onto the floor. His hands weakened and his phone started to slip out of his grip. The phone dropped, and hit the floor, its protective case preventing the destruction of the expensive item. He ran his hands through his hair as his body shook in fear. He began breathing heavily and moved his body back and forth like a rocking chair. He cried out in emotional pain, crying endlessly.

Truslow heard a beeping sound, signalling that Craig had ended the call. He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and spat into the bin, before standing up and looking around the police station. “ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP!” He shouted, as everyone in the police station’s heads swung up. “I’ve found out about a case investigating the murder of Chris Pearlman, local young adult. If we don’t solve this quickly, his murderer will still be roaming the streets, and his boyfriend in pain. If we can work together, we can find the killer.”

Every detective in the room stood up and clapped respectfully for his speech. Samantha stood up and walked out of the station, after getting permission from the boss and signing out.

When she reached Craig and Jessica’s house, she ran upstairs to Craig’s room. She knocked on his door and asked if she could come in. She opened the door to find Craig in bed, crying. Craig sat up, and looked at her with his big, sad eyes.

“I heard.” Samantha said, as she held his hands. Craig pulled her in for a hug and held tight as he cried over her shoulder. After a minute, she pulled away. “I’ll leave while you weep on your own, and I’ll come back in a while so we can talk. Would you like that?”

Craig nodded and wiped his eyes before Samantha left the room and closed the door. She opened the door to Jessica’s room and entered, where Jessica was sitting in bed in her phone. Samantha walked across the room and kindly asked Jessica to leave the room so she could change into her pajamas, before climbing into her bed and calling to Jessica to inform her she could come in, who then got into her bed, opposite Samantha's. Samantha pulled the covers high up and closed her eyes.

Jessica looked at Samantha, and monitored her movements. “Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yeah…” Samantha mumbled. She then sat up in bed to look at Jessica. “I just want to relax.”

“Tough day at work?”

“Will be tomorrow.”

Jessica put her phone down. “If there’s anything I can do for you, just let me know” she assured her.

-The next morning-

Samantha and Jessica woke up, Jessica yawned as she woke up.

“Good morning” Samantha said joyfully as she turned round to face Jessica. “Do you remember how last night you said I should let you know if I wanted anything? I think I have an idea of what I want to do. It's early morning so I think we should go have some breakfast. It'd be nice if you could make mine for me today.”

Jessica giggled playfully and agreed to make her a meal.

After they both brushed their teeth, they went downstairs, kissing each other whilst their hands touched. Jessica put on her pink apron, matching her identically coloured t-shirt. Samantha admired this. Jessica’s eggs that she got out the fridge were adorably small, perfect for eating. Jessica lifted up the eggs and boilt them, revealing one part of the meal. The eggs were a not rounded and were perfectly the right shape for eggs. The eggs got comfortable as they cooked, now ready as Samantha began preparing her mouth for Jessica’s food.

“I love you.” Jessica said.

“I know.” Samantha replied, before cracking one of the eggs open with a spoon. Jessica buttered and cut some toast. Before long, she inserted two slices of bread inside the egg and used her mouth to chew the food.

“Sorry…” Jessica said shyly.

Samantha swallowed. “Sorry for what? This is perfectly cooked.”

Samantha then ate the rest. “WOW!” Samantha exclaimed in pleasure as the slammed her fist onto the table, unable to control herself at the quality cooking.

“I love the way you make my tastebuds feel with your cooking.” Samantha said. Jessica thanked her for the compliment. Their hearts were in place and they began connecting emotionally. Jessica bit her lip, thinking that she should have made some for herself too.

-A short while after-

Craig’s eyes opened, waking from a short sleep. He had not rested well after hearing the news, despite getting to bed at a reasonable time. After wiping his not-so-lively eyes, Craig cried out in emotional pain and struggled to get out of bed. He slowly and sadly walked towards a neat pile of clothes on the floor. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed something red. Craig was confused, as he did not own any red clothing, as he prefers wearing clothes coloured pink, white and blue. He reached for his glasses and put them on to see what it was. After picking it up, his heart sank as he realised what it was. It was Chris’ red scarf that he liked so much. He held it for a few seconds before dropping it and collapsing to the floor, sobbing.

Downstairs, Samantha and Jessica were talking to each other. Samantha heard Craig, and ran upstairs to comfort him. She knocked on the door, and opened it few seconds later to see Craig on the floor in the corner of his room, crying, because it's 2015 and it's ok for men to have emotions too now.

“I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to help you.” Samantha told Craig. He looked up at her, tears now becoming even more apparent. “But I will tell you this.” She crouched down to be on an even level to him. “The fragility of life is tragic, and you’re probably going to feel like this for a really long time but one day you’ll be able to think about him and it’ll be a happy feeling, thinking about the happiness you shared together instead of feeling so painfully sad. And that’s when you’ll start feeling alright.”

“Thank you.” Craig managed to say through his tears.

“No.” Samantha said. “Thank you for listening to me. I hope this will be over soon.”

“I’ve got to talk to the police.” Craig told her. “I don’t know if I can do it.”

“You can.” She assured him. “You just need to put a brave face on and act tough. Maybe you’ll end up fooling yourself.”

“Everyone’s going to know I’m gay.”

"So?" Samantha replied. “We live in an incredibly tolerated world. Everyone will accept you, and maybe you’ll even set an example. Maybe there are others in the closet, like us, who might hear of you being brave and coming out, and could be inspired by you."

Craig stood up. “I see. I know what I have to do.”

“I’m proud of you.” Samantha said, before grabbing and hugging Craig.

-Later that day-

Craig was alone in a police interrogation room. He was sitting on a chair by a table which he was handcuffed to, with an empty chair opposite him. There was a mirror on the wall facing the table. He was very scared. What was happening? Didn’t Samantha say this would be easy? Why was he in an interrogation room? Did they think it was him who killed Chris? Why did he have so many unanswered questions? Do the police really think people will believe that the mirror is really just a mirror?

Craig heard the door open behind him, followed the sound of it closing. Officer Truslow walked towards the table and sat down opposite Craig. He lit a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

“Excuse me.” Craig said. “Isn’t smoking indoors against the law?”

“Good point.” Officer Truslow realised. “Thanks for looking out for me, mate.” He then put out his cigarette.

Officer Truslow turned on an audio recorder and began saying the date and standard procedure whilst remaining eye contact with Craig.

“So Craig.” Officer Truslow said. “Body of Chris Pearlman was found in the park yesterday morning by a family. A mother, father and their two children. A family. We’d like to know what happened to him.”

“Well… officer.” Craig stuttered. “So would I.”

“Can you tell us your whereabouts between midday and night two days ago?”

“I was at home.”

“Is there anyone who can confirm this?”

“My best friend, Jessica. She lives in the same house as me.” Craig replied. “Wait nevermind, she was out late that night. No. Nobody can confirm this, other than me.”

“And how would you describe your relationship with Chris?”

“Amazing.” Craig answered. “We’d only known each other for two days but we really connected. It hurts a lot to know he’s gone.”

“Sure.” Truslow said. “And you were in a homosexual relationship with Chris Pearlman, is this correct?”


“I regret to inform you this, but all signs point to you being a possible suspect”

“What?” Craig exclaimed in shock.

“I'm sure you're a good kid, but you have no alibi. You have no evidence to support your case, you have an obsession with the victim and there are no other suspects.”


“Craig Hamel, we’re taking you to court. You will be given a temporary jail cell which you will stay in whilst police search your home and until you are proven guilty or innocent.”

Craig’s head dropped to the table in shock and pain. His eyes were beginning to hurt with how much he’d cried over the past 24 hours. He thought everything was going to get better, but it had just become much worse. Samantha watched Craig cry through the one-way mirror and began to tear up herself.

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