Off the Page is a story about a character named "Scribble T" along with all his friends on a journey of epic proportions to try and stop their beloved town named "Scribble Town" From the evil Dark Infestation. The Dark Infestation can consume people and all things to turn them evil. Even a boot could turn evil! Why there town has been targeted, noone knows. They only know that it could only mean that theres something evil out there, planning on making there town into a shadow infested place. Its up to Scribble T and all his buddies to stop this evil and figure out whos behind all this mess. They must find the Inkys to rid the town of evil!



Picture Name Description
Shards Shards Is a evil guy who was put in jail for freezing the vice president and then brutally cutting his arm off with a sword made of Ice once the president melted.
Scribble T
Scribble T Scribble T is a happy dude who is laid back and relaxed all the time. If someone died, So what. But if his boss, Steven tells him to, he will jump to it.
Frowny Frowny is a lonely little guy that has no life at all. Noone likes him and he has a dumb hairstyle. The only good thing about him is that he gives out free cookies if you listen to him.
Robo Scribble
Robo Scribble Robo Scribble is a evil robot who plans on destroying everything with his gigantic giga lasers and all that jazz. He has a sad smirk with one dark infested hand and half is body is also dark infested.
Scribble Girl
Scribble Girl Friends of Scribble T and one of Steven's pupils. She likes watching people get infected with the shadow virus even know she knows its as cruel as can be. Other then that she likes catching butterflies and then noticing that she accidentaly killed them by touching there wings. On the bright side of things, shes a great dancer.
Steven Steven is the boss of Scribble Girl and Scribble T, he tells them what missions to go on. These missions involve stopping the evil that is coming over Scribble City, and delevering pizza to snakes.
Snaker Snaker is a snake. Above that snaker is a loyal customer of Scribb's Pizza. He loves pizza. He is also Scribble T's pet. But Scribble T does not care if Snaker's hungry. Lucky enough Snaker is very smart.


Picture Name Description
Axeling The Axeling's are shadow creatures with a axe and a sort of dagger like weapon, they are commonly found and will most of the time use parried attacks using both there weapons at once. They can also jump over you and try and attack from behind.
Batling Batling's are not that hard to beat. Most the time! Batling's are bat like creatures that fly about and drop a creature for you to fight. They will also swoop in and attack you while your fighting "The Creature." These creatures that they drop have no names.
Squidmin Squidmin are shadow creatures with four tentacles and a squid like head. They are pretty anoying because they stretch there tentacles to whip you, along with spitting out shadowy liquid.
Boot Boot's are the most common enemy found in the game ever! They are super simple because all they will do is kick you. They look just like a boot and are a boot. Shadowfied.
Crabwalker Crabwalker's will give you a hard time, they can manually take off there head and toss it at you, and it will boomerang back right into place. They can also slowly walk over to you and then cut you with there shadowy claws.
Cyclops Cyclops's are shadow creatures that look like a little creature with a antenie and one eye. They will atempt to lure you towards them, (Your Character actually goes towards them so run the other way) And then they will chomp on your head trying to eat your brains.
Dark Bot
Dark Bot Dark Bot's shoot electricul volts from there eyes, along with there second attack, speed bash were they run at you elextricute you and make you stunned for awile. They look like little robots
Demonon Demonon's are fiendish like shadow creatures that run at you and swipe you with there claws and spiked tail. They look like something that comes out of your closet at night.
Dubloon Dubloon's are a horrible pun gone mad! They are literilly two baloons that float around and try and hit you. That is all.
Fuzzub Fuzzub's are not a biggy at all..Not one bit! They roll up into a ball and ram tackle you. Yeah! Fuzzy fun! Or are they? There fuzz can leave shadow resido.
Gunling Gunlings are shadow creatures that hold one shadow pistol and shoot at you, there skilled cause they can jump and dodge your bullets. These guys are pretty smart.
Sea Lurker
Sea Lurker Sea Lurker's pop out of water and try and knaw on your legs. If your under water you can see them under water most the times and they will chase you while your under water to!
Spearman Spearmen are Shadow like creatures that hold spears and chuck them at you, if a spear is stuck in something they will run over and try and pull it out. Then they will get there distance and probaly throw it again. If your close enough they will probaly try and stab you with it.
Swordling Swordling's are shadow creatures with swords. Thats about it, they will try and cut or stab you so watch out.
Wanderer Wanderer's do nothing but punch and kick you and run in circles screaming. These guys are not that hard to fight.
Zombeh Zombeh's are really hard to fight. They will spit out shadow acid, ram you with there shadow heads, punch you, knaw on you, kick you, Do a barrel roll and yes pull a gun out of there stomach and start shooting you with shadow bullets.


Picture Name Ability
Anti Evil Whip
Anti-Evil Whip Whip those baddies with this handy dandy anti evil whip!
Aqua Sword
Aqua Sword This sword controls water, send water blasts at your oponent and many other goody good combos and watery like attacks.
Claw Glove
Claw Glove The claw glove is best for upclose combat, where you can punch holes or scratch those fiends.
Earthly Cleaver
Earthly Cleaver The Earthly Cleaver is a giant eath cleaver allowing you to make earthquakes and slash your oponents with glee.
Eletric jelly booms
Electric jelly bombs Poor little guys. Oh whatever, these little dudes are great to use as bombs, you throw them at something to electricute it then ten seconds later the jelly bomb explodes!
Flame Sword
Flame Sword You can send out fireballs, fire wall's and toss this sword as a boomerang at oponents. Oh and dont forget theres many more combos and goodies with this sword!
Flashlight Ward of shadows and some weak enemies with this flashlight. Huh.
Sketch Pistol
Sketch Pistol Sketch pistol! Bata-Bang! Shoot your enemies with this awesome sketch gun.
Sketch Shotgun
Sketch Shotgun Sketch shotgun, even more firepower and bigger fireing range with this amazing gun.
Sketch Sword
Sketch Sword Sketch sword, this sword is amazing, you can erase shadows and shadows enemies with it. Kind of like a eraser.


Picture Name Description
Beige Inky
Beige Inky Beige inky is timid and is happy most the time, Beige inky will hapily jump into your bag of other Inkys to ward off the shadows and save your town.
Cyan Inky
Cyan Inky Cyan Inky does not know anything, it just sits there and stares. You pick it up and it might blink or look at you but it wont do anything else.
Gold Inky
Gold Inky Gold Inky is amazed by everything and will go wide eyed and start blurting out anything it thinks is amazing.
Green Inky
Green Inky Green Inky is not impressed.
Orange Inky
Orange Inky Orange inky is exited! Your putting him in your inky bag? Hes so exited! Yey!
Purple Inky
Purple Inky Purple Inky is adorable and cute. Purple inky is a nice caring Inky that will listen to you if you have problems or are just bored.
Red Inky
Red Inky Red Inky is nervous and knows something is going on. Hes always suspisios.
Violet Inky
Violet Inky Violet Inky has one huge eye and one small, Violet Inky also has a cat mouth. Violet inky can be anoying at times.
Yellow Inky
Yellow Inky Yellow Inky is like cyan inky, but unlike cyan,Yellow inky will talk. Sometimes.

Spells/Weapon Combos and attacks


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