Off Around The World is the debut episode of Tayshaun & Amy - World Tour. It first aired in April 2016.


A group of people go on a trip with a famous musician after meeting her.


The episode starts out with a woman in a brown leather jacket sat at a desk backstage at a show. The camera reveals the woman to be Sydney Peterson.

Sydney: Come on, Peterson, you can do this. It's just a show. Don't shit yourself.

She sighs as Lydia York is seen peeking into the room Sydney is in.

Lydia: Come on, Sydney, your show's in five minutes!
Sydney: Fine. I just hope I don't throw up or anything during this. Don't wanna embarrass myself in front of... how many fans?
Lydia: Last I checked, about 50,000.
Sydney: Jeez.
Lydia: It may sound scary, but trust me, you'll be fine.
Sydney: I hope I'll be fine.

She walks out of the room and takes a deep breath as she goes to the stage.

Ed Jackson and Francisco Paciani are seen sat in the building stands, waiting for the show to start.

Francisco: So, why did you bring me here?
Ed: I had two tickets for this show, one for me and one for my girlfriend, but she broke up with me this morning and I felt like giving my main student a bit of a break.
Francisco: Unlucky.
Ed: Yeah.
Francisco: So... apparently the artist is hot.
Ed: Apparently is the key wo-

Ed turns to see Sydney going out onto the stage.

Ed: Holy shit.
Francisco: Damn, she's lookin' fine!

Francisco makes a wolf whistle while Ed stares at Sydney.

Francisco: You're officially my new favourite teacher, Ed.
Ed: Thanks.

Larry Cole is seen sat in the front row of the concert with Courtney Robinson.

Larry: Sydney's hot.
Courtney: Shut up Larry.
Larry: Why have you been such an ass recently?
Courtney: I don't know, it's probably because of the crazy shit that's happened recently with the portal and all of that bullshit.
Larry: Portal?
Courtney: ...Are you so dumb that you missed a portal, hanging over Anaheim constantly, for the past five months?!
Larry: I only moved here from Maine in February...
Courtney: You still would've seen it! It's directly above us all the time! How much of a dumb shit are you?!
Larry: How much of an asshole are you?

Courtney's eyes narrow as she gives Larry a dirty look.

Larry: I'm sorry, I didn't mean-

Courtney then punches Larry in the arm.

Larry: I said sorry!

Courtney turns back to the concert as Larry holds his arm.

Phoenix Simpson is seen sat with Vitaly Tomasevic a couple of seats away from Larry and Courtney.

Phoenix: So, what brings you here from...
Vitaly: Finland.
Phoenix: ...Finland?
Vitaly: I'm visiting a friend.
Phoenix: Oh.
Vitaly: What brings you here?
Phoenix: My mom left me here when we were going around the world.
Vitaly: Damn.
Phoenix: My mom's been in Louisville for the past year and hasn't been back for me at all.
Vitaly: Sounds like the parent of the year.

Phoenix chuckles.

Vitaly: What about your dad? Why can't he collect you?
Phoenix: Because he's off in a mythical land. He's a phoenix.
Vitaly: ...A human mother and a phoenix father... how does that work?
Phoenix: I don't have a clue.

Vitaly shrugs as they continue to watch the concert.

Konrad Thompson and Lyndsey Carter are seen in around the middle row, trying to see the concert.

Konrad: So, how's the concert?
Lyndsey: It's great! I'm really glad you brought me here.
Konrad: No problem. You're beautiful and you're a great girlfriend.

Lyndsey beams as they see Sydney, who seems to trigger something that sends her to the edge of the stage.

Konrad: Oh shit.

Lyndsey panics as she tries to focus her power on Sydney.

Konrad: What're you doi-

Konrad looks to see Sydney being lifted telekinetically and being put back on stage as Lyndsey reopens her eyes.

Konrad: Did you just save her life?

Lyndsey nods and smiles as she kisses Konrad.

A young man is shown outside the concert as he attempts to sneak in. He is revealed to be Sheldon Gallagher.

Sheldon: C'mon, sneaking in can't be that hard...

He goes into the building via a back door. He is then stopped by Lydia.

Lydia: Who're you?
Sheldon: Uh...
Lydia: Don't worry, I'm not gonna bite your head off. (under her breath) That's security's job...
Sheldon: Sheldon Gallagher.
Lydia: Oh. Well, nice to meet you. I'm Lydia York.

Lydia helps Sheldon up, who brushes himself off.

Lydia: What brought you here?
Sheldon: My sister is a huge fan of Sydney and it'd mean the world to her if I got her a signature from Sydney.
Lydia: Aw, that's sweet. I'll try and get you past security if you want.
Sheldon: Thank you, ma'am.

Lydia takes him through as Sydney is shown after a song.

Sydney: Thank you!

She wipes some sweat off her forehead.

Sydney: I'm gonna be doing something where I throw this stuff...

Sydney holds up some paper.

Sydney: And whoever gets to it first gets to go around the world with me.

She throws the paper out into the crowd, with the fans screaming. A montage is shown with the characters already introduced getting the pieces and going up to the stage.

Sydney: Alright, these guys are going with me on a global scale after this show!

They cheer as they go backstage as Sydney finishes her show off.






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