Oestus is a universe which exists alongside Mortus, and the source of all magic on Aeo. Oestus is saturated with magic energy in it's pure, radioactive form, making it uninhabitable for any non-Oestan beings.

Unlike Quietus, it is not considered an alternate version of Mortus; it's timeline deviation point is it's creation.


  • Genies: Genies are incredibly powerful creatures, who are capable of manipulating magic to an even greater degree than any Mortan beings. They occasionally travel to Mortus, where they offer to grant mortals "wishes"; Genies are incapable of lying or breaking their promises, but they can interpret wishes in different ways. Genies often tether themselves to physical objects, to grant wishes for those who use the object; it is possible a genie is involved in the wish-granting abilities of the Winged Nexus.


Oestus was discovered by Elves early in Aeo's history, which lead to the creation of the artifacts. Their purpose was to draw the radioactive energy from Oestus, purify it, and release it into Aeo for use in spells and enchantments. The end result would be, after thousands of years, the complete purification of Oestus, which would allow the Elves to relocate from Mortus and live outside of the reach of the deities.

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