Oddworld Dark future is a failed attempt to revive the odd world series and make it darker and edgier adding gun's and language. Most fan's disliked it after a odd world wiki user named bishopburton's proposed it. (Remember him? Nudge nudge wink wink) Many fan's of the old odd world formula hated it due to it upping the ante of violence and foul language.It was released in early 2016 along with munches wrath comic for dark edition which had early access to the online co-op mode but that failed due it having bug's and glitches such as the ability to go through building's in the sandbox of New Mudos city which was large and explorable at least.


During the year 2034 Abe form's a rebellion in the future gathering some allies along the way but after the rebellion's first mission failed leading abe to be captured and have his right eye forcing him to wear an eyepatch but a event occurred leading to the cyborg-human Revolt's which lead to many cyborg mudokon's and human's being disassembled forcing them to have weakened bodies that have been seriously injured by another human. After their second mission is a success after rescuing the initiative from a prison camp Abe and crew returned to base but later many big bro slug's and normal slig's invade the base thus leading abe to be forced out of a window causing him to be run over before being rushed to a hospital and being forcefully transformed into a cyborg and his thought's change as he became evil and corrupted inside thus leading him to become violent and evil hurting other people.


After the event's of MO Abe and crew are celebrating the defeat of vykker lab's and big face has created a "time portal' so he send's abe and munch through it thus leading them to end up in New Mudos City where crime and chaos reign. After being surrounded by million's of slig's and human's Abe and munch escape on a hover bike after being instructed by a mysterious voice where they are lead and they join the resistance trying to fight for freedom of privacy because Glukkon's and human's watch them due the city being a front for a dystopian city where crime reign's free so after doing some test's to "prove themselves worthy" abe and munch join the resistance but a riot occur's outside the base leading to munch's untimely death but there's still hope and munch become's a cyborg.