File:Ocula PA.png
Full Name Ocula
Current Age Unknown
Gender N/A
Species None
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) None
The All Seeing Eye
First Appearance Project Vulcan 2: Cortez Strikes Back

Ocula is a cyberneticly and organicly processed eyeball, yet another test experiment of Cortez's gone wrong, it was originally Cortez's eyes, until he lost it in the war, he used anti-shrinking technology to make it enhance it's true size, developing a mind of it's own, it eventualy betrayed Cortez, like everything he makes does, and left to find Vulcan.

Master Ocula

After Vulcan resurrects Uriel, Ocula steals the Aurum Orbis and painfully welds itself to the mechanism, Ocula then takes control of Cortez's Zeppelin and crashes it, Vulcan must put a stop to Master Ocula.