#728 Octus
Sprite in Amber & Jade
Category Tentacle Pokémon Pokémon
Original Region Peteo
National Dex Nr. #728
Generation VII
Pokémon Color Blue
First Appearance Pokémon Amber & Jade Versions
Type(s) Water
Ability/ies Torrent
(Hidden: Poison Heal)
Average Height 1'04"
Average Weight 19.7 lbs
Evolves From N/A
Evolves Into Toxopus
 Octus is a Water-type Pokémon found in Peteo.

It evolves into Toxopus at level 16, which evolves into Squideadly at level 36.

It is one of the starter Pokémon in Pokémon Amber & Jade Versions, alongside Dillant and Flarsel.


Octus is a small, blue, octopus-like creature. It has six tentacles, four of which it uses for legs and the other two it uses for it's arms. It appears to have a mantle flopping around from the back of it's head.

Game Data

Pokédex Entries

Amber Dex Entry Jade Dex Entry
An ink-like liquid flows through an Octus' veins. They can spray this liquid from they're tentacles as a defense mechanism. Octus have been known to be shy Pokémon around people they aren't familiar with. They use they're tentacles to hide themselves.

Game Locations

Amber Jade Receive from Professor Fir

Base Stats

Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Type Effectiveness

Under normal circumstances, this Pokémon is...
2x Weak to: 4x Weak to: Resistant to: Immune to:


By Leveling Up

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Start Pound Normal Physical 40 100% 35
Start Leer Normal Status N/A N/A 30
Level 5 Bubble Water Special 40 100% 30
Level 8 Double Slap Normal Physical 15 85% 10
Level 10 Acid Armor Poison Status N/A N/A 20
Level 14 Water Pulse Water Special 60 100% 20
Level 18 Ink Cloud Water Status N/A N/A 15
Level 21 Fling Dark Physical Varies 100% 10
Level 25 Sludge Poison Special 65 100% 20
Level 29 Water Sport Water Status N/A 100% 15
Level 35 Curse Ghost Status N/A N/A 10
Level 39 Tentacle Whip Poison Physical 50 100% 15
Level 43 Dive Water Physical 80 100% 10
Level 49 Hydro Pump Water Special 110 80% 5
Bold moves indicate the Pokémon gets STAB from the move. Italic moves indicate the Pokémon's evolution gets STAB.


TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
TM06 Toxic Poison Status N/A N/A 90%
TM09 Venoshock Poison Special 65 100% 10
TM10 Hidden Power Normal Special 60 100% 15
TM12 Taunt Dark Status N/A 100% 20
TM13 Ice Beam Ice Special 90 100% 10
TM17 Protect Normal Status N/A N/A 10
TM18 Rain Dance Water Status N/A N/A 5
TM27 Return Normal Physical Varies 100% 20
TM34 Sludge Wave Poison Special 95 100% 10
TM36 Sludge Bomb Poison Special 90 100% 10
TM44 Rest Psychic Status N/A N/A 10
TM45 Attract Normal Status N/A 100% 15
TM48 Round Normal Special 60 100 15
TM55 Scald Water Special 80 100% 15
TM56 Fling Dark Physical Varies 100% 10
TM84 Poison Jab Poison Physical 80 100% 20
TM90 Substitute Normal Status N/A N/A 10
HM03 Surf Water Special 90 100% 15
HM05 Waterfall Water Physical 80 100% 15
HM07 Dive Water Physical 80 100% 10
Bold moves indicate the Pokémon gets STAB from the move. Italic moves indicate the Pokémon's evolution gets STAB.


728-Front Rare Candy Sprite
Level 16
729-Front Rare Candy Sprite
Level 36
Octus Toxopus Squideadly
Water WaterPoison WaterPoison