An Octoball
Species Origin Octarian
Weapon(s) Ink
Vulnerable To Ink
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)

Octoballs are common Octarian enemies from Octo Valley. They roll and bounce around any smooth surfaces while spreading Octarian ink behind their backs.

Inklings cannot defeat these creatures like any other Ocarian, as shooting them would only push them to another direction. Cap'n Cuttlefish insists that the only way they can be defeated is to let them roll in Inkling's ink, making them vulnerable, and then shooting them. However, certain stages in Octo Valley lets Inklings also push them off the platform by shooting them regularly.


Octoballs, like Octotroopers, appear to be a large red and white tentacle, but they look quite different otherwise. Generally, Octoballs are round, plump creatures with tiny tentacle tips and smaller legs. Their face takes up most of the front body, and consists of purple lips and only one large, green eye.

Octoballs also wear a circular machine on their back in place of white suction cups. This machine spreads Octarian ink around as they roll.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Octopus Ball
ItalianPolpocchioPolpo (octopus) and occhio (eye)

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