Octo-Swoopin' Stu are a sub-species of Swoopin' Stu in Super Mario Island that created by Paintoombas. They do not differ that much from normal Swoopin' Stus. Octo-Swoopin' Stus appear only where Painttombas that create inky goop appear. They do not appear where Painttombas create fiery goop, as Fire Snakes appear where the Painttombas create fiery goop. The only difference is that they only come in transparent black, transparent dark gray, and transparent light grey colors.


  • Unlike in Super Mario Sunshine, where inky goop spawns normal Swoopin' Stus, the inky goop (which is always created by Paintoombas) spawns Octo-Swoopin' Stus.
  • The name "Octo" may be misleading. Both Swoopin' Stu and Octo-Swoopin' Stus do look like transparent octopi, but Octo-Swoopin' Stus get their name because they are created by Paintoombas, which are a sub-species of Octoomba.

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