Boss - Octavius
Location Yzulf Snowfields
HP 2100
Attack 110
Defence 90
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "Money, money, money!"
...Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hand the

amulet over to you! When in a story does that

happen? Never!

Octavius is the bandit king and boss of Chapter 1 in Lucario's Quest, taking place in the Yzulf Snowfields. He has the first magic stone that Lucario and Jason must retrieve, wearing it as an amulet. He is under command of seemingly two whole clans, and uses his own sons Bobby and Claude as bodyguards and personal henchmen.


Octavius's background is shrouded in mystery. At some point in his life, he had slain the other bandit leader, Pollux, and took his place. He had also had two sons, Bobby and Claude, to an unknown woman.

In the events of Lucario's Quest, Octavius is ruling over all of the bandits in the Yzulf Snowfields and making sure all of his foolproof thieving plans are carried out from his secret lair. However, by the time Lucario steps in and saves the day, his sons had already battled Lucario twice, and when Lucario finally reaches the leader, Octavius tells Lucario and Jason that he's not going to simply "hand the amulet over", and "wealth is what makes the world go around" before eventually sending his sons in front of him to battle Lucario. They are, again, defeated, and Octavius, in a rage, steps up and begins his boss fight. Soon, he, too, is defeated, running down the stairs in a scared sort of fashion and is never seen again.


Octavius is what anyone would expect out of a leader who has done so much evil; ruthless, uncaring, relentless, and dangerous. He is very selfish and only cares about his own motives, even going as far as to send his sons in front of him to battle Lucario before his showdown.


  • Octavius's name comes from Octavius, the adopted son of Julius Caesar.

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