Oco is a Magical Color Fairy from Color Town. Along with his brother, Lor, he is in charge of protecting the Color Stones. In Paper Mario: The Color Stones, he teams up with Mario to get them back.


Field Ability

In the field, Oco has the ability to recolor certain objects to make them react differently. For example, he has to recolor a Goomba Gate Guard from red (angry) to either blue (sad), yellow (happy), or green (sick). The only four colors he can use are redblueyellow, and green.

Battle Attacks

  • Ram - Ram is Oco's normal attack.
    • FP Required: None
    • Effect: Oco rams an enemy.
    • Damage Dealt: 2
    • Action Command: None.
  • Recolor - Recolor is Oco's secondary attack.
    • FP Required: 2
    • Effect: Oco recolors an enemy, effecting them somehow. (Red, they get stronger; blue, no effect; yellow, no effect; green, they get weaker)
    • Damage Dealt: None
    • Action Command: None.
  • Spiny Ram - Spiny Ram requires Oco being levelled up once.
    • FP Required: 2
    • Effect: Oco grows spikes before ramming an enemy.
    • Damage Dealt: 5
    • Action Command: None.
  • Super Recolor - Super Recolor requires Oco being levelled up twice.
    • FP Required: 5
    • Effect: Oco recolors an enemy, with four different colors. (Purple, they get poisoned; orange, they get dizzy; black, they get stronger; white, no effect)
    • Damage Dealt: None
    • Action Comman: None.

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