Ochi (FA)



Ochi's art
Full Name Ochi Brochi
Current Age 16 (FA)

24 (FA2)

Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Fantenville (FA)

Ángalle (FA2)

Current Status Alive (Canon)

Dead (Non-Canon)

Main Weapon(s) Craft Knife (FA)

Great Sword (FA/FA2)

Welded Blade (FA2)

Ethnicity Asain-Australian


Ochi Gurl


Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Fantendo Adventure

Ochi Brochi is a character from Fantendo Adventure and is the first female character to be introduced. Her weapons of choice are the Craft Knife and the Great Sword. In the sequel she gets a new weapon, the Welded Blade, a fancy looking blade she creates in a workshop.


Fantendo Adventure

Ochi has black hair, a grey coat, an orange hat, green pants and black shoes. Broch has her hair tied back with an orange bobble and usually carries paint brushes and paints. Her eyes are a dark browny-orange color. She is one of the tallest characters.

Fantendo Adventure 2: Void of Darkness

Ochi now has pale blue/tourquoise eyes and no works in a science team about the research of the ex-zombie apocalypse. She wears a mint green tank top and pale woodmite jeans. she has carf length boots with an orange tint. Her hair is longer and wavier and it isn't tied back anymore.


  • She is based on the user Brochi (tbc).
  • She used to live in Australia.
  • She has her own gallery.
  • She is the only character to purposely leave their location through the sewers.
  • She is a very skilled artist, just like the person she is based on.