Objective is a standalone game produced by Fritez Franchise. It is a rougelike RPG with a battle system revolving around various objects and a main goal of completing all objective quests. Each enemy is also based on a certain object found throughout the game. The main protagonist, Dale makes his debut along with every other character. The game is set to be platformed on the 3DS.



The main goal of Objective is to complete various objectves listed on a board. These objectives involve the player picking one of the four towns tucked into the worlds corner to start from and then drawing a line on a map to the destination, or at least what the player thinks the destination is becuse at first, no locations are labeled, making for a challenge. The player will actully have to travel to the destination, but not nessisarily follow the line they drew, as they can completely veer off of it to find a better path. If the player completes this mission in whatever location they need to, they are awaraded CP (Crystal Points) which can level up the player's board and unlock new missions. The more difficult a mission is, the more CP awarded.

However, before entering a mission, the player can choose from thier collection of treasure chests each holding 10 objects. Objects act as the only form of offence against enemies and aren't just one use. If the player runs out ofr these objects while adventureing, they fail the mission and have to go back to thier HQ. Each treasure chest has somewhat it's own theme, for example the red chest contains more offensive objects while the blue chest contains more defensive objects. The player can also fuse treasure chests to create hybrid treasure chests with different and possibly rarer objects. If the player runs out of tresure chests and cannot afford any more, they will have to use a ration chest only containing the same 5 items, everytime and get some more money.

Battle System




Objects and Enemies

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