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Obena, the Alien Ambassador
Full Name Obena
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Class Ambassador, Warrior, Translator
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (first official appearance)
Obena is a character that first debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as a playable character. Obena is a alien ambassador from the now destroyed planet of Zezune, landing on Earth's Noah.


Obena is a rather sweet and often too trusting character, and usually is more of a follower than a leader due to her background. She does not like leading, as she feels it is not her job, but she tends to do a really good job with it if forced into the position. Obena is wary of sacrifice, often looking for alternatives even if she has no time to do so.

Obena also has a tendency to overlook her own abilities rather often in situations that are not battles, such as situations where she could offer her own 3D printed screws and nuts to fix the hull of her own ship. She is, however, learning how to use her powers in a practical environment.

She tends to be blissfully unaware of issues plaguing others, although she is not completely out of tune with other's feelings. Like Unten, she tends to receive prophetic dreams shortly after the death of her planet.


Obena is a ambassador for the planet Zezune, and can communicate in multiple languages. She was torn from her world when it was destroyed, although she is unsure what caused to explode. She crash landed on Noah, where Lock found her and intend to steal the ship to get into space, although this is kind of a hard task considering how much sand is in the thing.


Obena is a pinkish red alien with white hair. Sticking out from her hair is two antennae that can harness 3D Wavelengths, allowing her to 3D print objects with her mind. She has moon shaped pupils, not unlike Unten's star shaped pupils. She wears a blue necklace around her neck as well as a coat/cloak that covers the right side of her body. She also wears golden head dressing pieces on her head. Around her waist is a string of black beads.

Powers and Abilities

Obena possesses a sword that reflects and absorbs light known as Sovereign and has the power to 3D print small objects with the 3D Wavelengths produced between her antennae. She can only print in a material known as Plastisteel, which breaks easily over time and is only useful for short term situations. Sovereign can store light and shoot in the form of energy projectiles. She can also use her 3D Wavelengths to attack but this will shorten them out for a while.

Obena, as a ambassador for Zezune, also knows many languages and knows how to transcribe and translate for all of them. She has certain favorite words she will use from other langauges that she peppers through her speech.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Obena was introduced as a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory on April 4th, 2017. She plays a major role in the plot, although isn't really as substantial as a lot of other characters.





Trophy Information



  • Obena's name comes from the German word for "above", a nod to Unten's name which in German is "below".
    • Adding onto this, the two have some design and story similarities.
      • Obena has moon shaped pupils, where as Unten has star shaped pupils.
      • Unten wears a cloak to the left of him in his art, where as Obena has a cloak that is on her right.
      • Both characters crashed onto Earth in Noah.
      • Obena has a special sword passed on her from predecessor, just like Unten and the Silent One.

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