Obadiah Koopa
Obadiah Koopa
Obadiah in Iron Mario
Current Age 81
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Current Status Former Head of Mario Industries
Family and Relations
Bowser (Grand Nephew)

Koopalings (Great Grand Nephews/Nieces)

Ability/ies Tech Genius

Mr. Koopa

First Appearance Iron Mario (Video Game)
Latest Appearance Iron Mario (Movie)
Obadiah Koopa is the main antagonist of the Marvel Nintendo Crossover movie/video game, Iron Mario. He is a spoof of Obadiah Stane, and like Stane, he was once a friend of Tony Mario/Tony Stark. He is also Bowser's great uncle.

Physical Apperance

Obadiah Koopa sports a striking resembalince to Bowser, but with a few differences. He has gray hair instead of orange, due to old age. He also wears a white tuxedo over the front of his shell. Like Bowser, he has sharp teeth (with one gold tooth) and a slightly hunched over position. He also has showing feet and hands, like Bowser.


Unlike many characters in the crossovers, Bowser isn't actually to much different personality-wise than Obadiah. They are both greedy villians that want a Mario family member out of their lives, and they both have fairly clever ways of doing so. But, very unlike Bowser, Obadiah is a technical genius with one well thought out plan that almost succeded. Obadiah could easily figure out that the Iron Mario mk. 2 armor belonged to Tony, and he thought of a good way to distract Tony that almost worked. Obadiah overall is a secretly greedy buisnessman that wants Mario Industries to himself