The company's logo.
Type of Company Solo Company
Founder(s) KvngDragon
Founded at/in October 2015
Owner(s) KvngDragon
No. of Employee(s) N/A
Parent Company N/A

Oasis is a solo gaming company that was originally created and owned by KvngDragon in companion with its first game, Misfits, in October 2015. The company has undergone various changes since it's conception, but it has always kept its main focus on creating unique and creative games with intriguing stories and concepts.


Oasis Studios was created in October 2015 by KvngDragon due to development of their first game, Misfits. However, at this time it went under the name Dragon Studios. As development for Misfits, the company went under numerous name changes including Drako Studios, MorteVitae Studios, Necromane Studios, and Paradise Studios before settling on the current name of Oasis Studios.

After a short haitus, the company restarting the development of Misfits, while creating a new Pokémon game in the process. Both games developed very slowly and stopped once the creator took a break from games to focus on other things.

In July of 2017, the owner announced his official comeback after a long hiatus in game development, and unveiled two new titles, Hollywood Royale and Savages, in the process. With this comeback came a new change of studios, now under the shortened name of Oasis, and a new look.




  • Most of the original names for the studio were created by mashing up words together.
    • MorteVitae Studios was created by mashing the latin words mortem and vitae, meaning death and life respectively, together.
    • Necromane Studios was created by mashing the greek prefix necro-, meaning death, and the berber word for water, amane.

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