That was all that was left of the ancient god of evil, Oakan. His story started when he was only 3 years old. He was an unwanted tree; an eyesore with, and since the people that planted him were poor, all the could do was poison him. He lived many years of pain and suffering. Oakan had enough of the poison he was fed every day. He spent years breaking his roots to try to leave the torture. After 17 years, he broke free, and left leaving a trail of fatalities behind him. He had set his course for Nebraska, and wouldn't stp until he got there. Two years passed, and over two million people were killed. Oakan had finally reached Nebraska. He decided that he would plant himself there and destory every living thing in the state. He reached out and lightly pulled out a tree, and tossed the ripped remains into the river. He settled in and waited. He waited and waited. He waited for years but no animal ever crossed his path. No bug, no animal.

6 years passed since that day, the day of settlement and that day of planning. A terrible storm was heading Oakan's way. He knew that the storm would cause the animals to come his way so he could rip them apart limb by limb and eat all of their muscles and bones like he was eating a chunk of butter; slippery but soft. He waited until the wind set in. He knew he was going to have a tasty lunch. He waited until the rain. It was then that the doubt started to emboss itself inside of Oakan. He waited until the thunder and lighting. Still nothing. The regret and doubt grew stronger each minute. Eventually the siren went off, and the hail started to fall. As he tried to get out, the tornado developped right behind him. It narrowed in on him. By the time Oaken got out of the ground, he was being tossed and ripped apart by the mile-long twister. He desperately reached out to grab on to a piec of a roof when the rest of the house he grabbed whipped itself into him. That was the last time Oakan ever saw light. Now, all that is left is the arm he used to kill me. I will never forget him, even in the afterlife, but I will forgive him. Why, you ask. Because I am a very forgiving guy. I now lurk the earth, a lonely and lost soul, looking for life.

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