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Developer(s) Yvetal
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) TBA
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Predecessor N/A


The story follows a teenage angel named, Enzo, in his quest to stop the sun from colliding with the "Celestial Barrier" which is the gateway between heaven and hell. Without the barrier, a war between the two divisions would break loose, ultimately destroying the pristine utopia. Now, Enzo and a few friends must travel around the land to find the shards of the "Harmony Stone", which is the only thing that can prevent the war-filled fate of the Sun, colliding with the barrier.


Chapter 0: Prologue

1000 years ago there was a war between the division of hell and the division of heaven. The war nearly destroyed everything in its terrible path, except a glimmering crystal, which flashed in various colors. A wise mage from the heavenly kingdom, decided to take the stone and infuse it with the power of the other wizards, in hope to a get a result from it, to somehow stop the war. But, the stone, did nothing but shine and glisten in the sun as radiently as possible. Then, 2 old wizards, named Dan-Yin and Tien-Yang,realized that it wasn't magic that powered the stone,but pure energy. Dan, Tien and the other wizards then went to the most radiant place they could find and held the stone into the air. The stone started to glow,making an aurora of colors in the process. The wizards,attempted to infuse their magic with the stone again,but this time,they succeeded. A massive barrier of holy aura,that surrounded the entirety of heaven was created and was dubbed the "Celestial Barrier".This barrier was placed in between heaven and hell,stopping the war entirely. However, due to the massive amount of energy put into the stone, it shattered and the pieces flew in different directions.Some of pieces retrieved and kept, by the angels for important reasons.........

Chapter 1: Prelude to the choosing ceremony!!!!

Playable Characters

Name Image Element Weapon Info Age
Enzo Air Vortex Sword A quirky inventor and the main character of our story, he invented his weapon, the "Vortex Sword" at the age of 14. 16
Violet Sound Decibel Staff A quiet thinker. Violet may be quiet but she can still fight as great as anyone else. She is also Enzo's best friend 15
Specter Ghost 16
Venomina Poison 14
Espeter Psychic 15
Moira Steel 14
Sydney Ice 15
Danni (Guest Character!) Fire 14