O' Chunks Kombat is a game for the Compy Chunks (which looks like a beige G3 AIO), Drugstation, Wii U, 3DS, and PS4.


A tournament is held to determine who will be the king of the world. The players first have to defeat the others, and then defeat DimentiChunks, who wants to replace the multiverse with "Dimension D." The player beats the others one-by-one. DimentiChunks is battled in Dimension D. After the death of DimeniChunks, Dimension D is condemned and everything turns back to normal. The credits play with the graveyard of all the players you successfully done fatalities on.



O' Chunks Fatality: Lights Opponent On Fire

O' Chunks Secret Fatality: Attacks opponent with a Beige G3 AIO

O' Chunks Brutality: Beats Up Opponent to Plump

Rawk Hawk Fatality: FALCON PAWNCH

Rawk Hawk Secret Fatality: The Infamous Brainstem Rip

Rawk Hawk Brutality: Does the Attitude Adjustment on opponent so hard that he dies.

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